Rector Major

Sede Centrale Salesiana

SEDE CENTRALE SALESIANA Via Marsala, 42 — 00185 Roma
Il Rettor Maggiore


Prot. 18/0495
Rome 17 December 2018

To the attention of:
Members of the Generai Council
Salesian Provincials
All Salesian Confreres
All the Members of our Salesian Family


My dear Brothers and Sisters,

I am writing this message at the beginning of the Christmas novena so as to share with you a very important decision that I have taken together with the General Council regarding the definitive establishment of the "Sede Centrale Salesiana".

As you well remember, step by step I have always kept you informed on the development of events and decisions that as a Generai Council we bave taken, starting from the decision to definitively leave the former headquarters at Via della Pisana 1111 in Rome for the motives that are well known to you.

For more than a year, we bave been received with great generosity and in a true family spirit by the confreres of the Community of the ICC Provincial House, by the Community of "Sacro Cuore" and by the Community of the "Centro Nazionale Opere Salesiane" of Italy ("San Lorenzo" Community) in Via Marsala, Rome. Their kindness and their prompt availability have given us the opportunity to overcome the emergency that came about in the summer of 2017, by temporarily providing us with part of the house.

In view of a mature and definitive decision, I have initiated a long and deep discernment within the General Council that has reflected on multiple possible solutions within the city of Rome, both within and outside the Salesian presences to be found in the city.

Once the decision was taken, together wiht the General Council, that the "Sede Centrale Salesiana" should remain in Rome, after having studied the high and unsustainable expenses involved in acquiring or restructuring a building left by other religious institutes and congregations in Rome, and also taking into account the outcome of the ongoing judicial processes against the "Direzione Generale" and "Fondazione Gerini", along with with the absolute impossibility of having resources for other possible solutions,

I communicate to you the final decision to establish the "Sede Centrale Salesiana" at "Ospizio Sacro Cuore", Via Marsala 42 in Rome.

Quite naturally, within this process where myself and the General Council have arrived at the decision to establish the "Sede Centrale Salesiana" at the "Ospizio Sacro Cuore",  the necessary contacts were in place with the Provincial of ICC, the Provincial Council and the Rector of the community "San Lorenzo", Rome, of the National Centre, CISI.

The Rector Major and the General Council are committed to helping the ICC Province and the "San Lorenzo" community, Rome, the National Centre, CISI, to find a suitable alternative place.

Furthermore, the future community of the "Sede Centrale Salesiana" will take on the animation of the Basilica and the "Sacro Cuore" Parish, the service to young immigrants and the animation of Don Bosco's rooms as part of the Salesian places.

Finally, I remind you that throughout this year there have been many letters, emails and opinions received verbally, which have suggested "Sacro Cuore" as the place for the Rector Majors house and the General Council and "San Giuseppe" community, Rome which is at the service of the Rector Major and the Salesian mission in the world, given the significance of this location for its connection with Don Bosco. This also had a considerable influence on the decision taken.

Naturally, the implementation of this decision will take time to allow the ICC Province and the National CISI Centre to relocate properly to a new location; in any case by the summer of 2020.

I greet you all with true affection.

I assure you of a remembrance in my prayer, in the profound communion of our being a Family of Don Bosco.

With best wishes for a Merry Chirstmas

Ángel Fernández Artime
Rector Major