Rector Major

Cari Confratelli_8, 04-2017

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My dear Confreres, I greet you with much affection.

My dear Salesian Famly members, since many of you also will see this publication “Cari Confratelli”, My dear young people in the many Salesian presences in the world, I greet you sincerely with great cordiality and true fondness.

I am speaking to you from Ypacaraí, in Paraguay, pleasantly warm, in the context of the Team Visit we are making with all the provinces of the Region of South America, in an atmosphere of true sharing and salesianity.

I add that, five days ago I had the grace of participating in a splendid celebration of the first centenary of the death of our missionary Mons. Giuseppe Fagnano, sent to the ‘Southern Land’ by Don Bosco.

I was able to learn a lot about the reality in which he lived, the missionary undertatakings of this our confrere and other confreres, and the great missionary of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Sr. Angela Vallese, and her companions. They were all real saints, heroes passionate in their missionary work.

This makes me think of the inheritance which they have left behind, and other beatiful things: They were authentically passionate for God and for the people.

I think: this is our heritage, which Don Bosco has left behind.

That is, in the first place, to be authentically passionate for God, which the consecrated men and women have experienced the fascination for following Jesus, and this enthusiasm above all else to be witnesses of the Lord who fills us completely, and then, to be sent to our boys, girls and the young, in whom we shall find the fullness of our vocation.

My dear confreres, I am never tired to say that we have all had the experience of being happy in the midst of the young, and we remain happy.

Hence, we shall not allow anything to distant us from them.

We shall not allow anything to distract us from this centrality of God and to go ahead with that fire and warmth to encounter the young with a true educative and pastoral passion.

During this Easter season, I encourage everyone to give witness to our faith, and to the joy of the Risen Lord among us.

See you soon, my dear confreres, and God bless you all.

So long! Bye!