Rector Major

Dear confreres_11, 02-2019

Dear confreres_11, 02-2019



My dear Salesian confreres, members of the Salesian Family and young people,

All of you who can watch this video in whatever way possible;

I feel a deep emotion and I am happy to record this greeting from here in Panama on WYD days, from this chapel that was set up to welcome our beloved father, Don Bosco, through the urn and his relic, so that it may be a place of pilgrimages from most of America.

Being here I said to myself: I cannot miss the opportunity to greet my brothers and confreres, all of them and to invite you to continue living our lives with passion.

In these days I am surrounded by thousands of young people, 3,000 young people from our Salesian Youth Movement from various parts of the world and Im meeting tens of thousands of other young people from across the Church, probably a few hundreds of thousands or maybe more, and I thought: what a wonderful opportunity we have!

Because our young people, though each with one’s own difficulties, continue to be near us, they continue to need us. Sometimes as friends, other times as someone who listens, some other times as elder brothers, that they can with compassion listen to their stories, which may be turbulent, and finally, sometimes as fathers.

Dear Confreres, from the depths of my heart, I tell you: we have a wonderful Congregation, we have a fascinating charism, a true gift from God, we have young people in the world who are wonderful, and many of them have no opportunities, but they still have us.

I want to invite you, dear confreres, and I say this to myself first of all, to live with an authentic Salesian educative and evangelising passion I want to invite you to hope, I want to invite you to turn into reality the dreams of God for young people, our boys and girls.

I want to invite you to live an absolutely authentic life, where our lifestyle is something so attractive that it is not possible not to feel touched by this call that God gives us. I want to invite you, in the end, to be Salesians of Don Bosco always, as Don Bosco has dreamed of us.

I want to invite you to follow, in a very simple way, a path of Salesian holiness that is done in everyday life.

Courage, I send you my fraternal embrace, and let us walk together.

I promise you my prayer on the feast of Don Bosco, from here, and then in the days ahead, as you will receive this greeting, and every day.

Until next time, my dear confreres! Greetings.