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Holy Christmas 2015: message

Rector Major: Holy Christmas 2015










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My dear members of the Salesian Family,
I am able to reach you all just two days before Christmas,
in all the most distant parts of the world,
and for this I am very happy.

In this year of mercy,
when we are reminded that
celebrating Christmas means first of all

having in mind the tenderness of the Father,
the unconditional love

of God who loves all his sons and daughters,
wherever they are.

It gives me great pleasure to be able
to address you all
to invite you, first of all, to experience Christmas
in a living way, profoundly,

and in a clearly Christian way.

Sometimes we say that
certain circumstances or particular contexts do not help, and this may be true
but let us make this Christmas a reality.
Let us ensure that wherever we are
we can experience Christmas profoundly.
There is something very special that I do not want to forget:
God, the God of love,
loves us all unconditionally
but he has a special fondness
for the poor, for the least.

This must be our sentiment
in our Salesian world
This was the sentiment of Don Bosco
and of all our loved ones.

Let us never forget
those who are most in trouble and in need.

With great affection,
hoping to reach you all with this embrace which I would love to be able
to give to each of you personally,
I wish you all, dear members of the Salesian Family,
a happy Christmas
and a year of grace in 2016 filled with
the presence and tenderness
and mercy of Our God!
Happy Christmas to you all, from my heart!