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Rector Major: video messages, Christmas 2016

Rector Major: Christmas Message 2016










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Christmas Message 2016 –

My dear Salesian confreres, my dear Salesian Family
Friends  of Don Bosco in the world and everyone viewing this at any time on the social networks.  On behalf of the Salesians of Don Bosco and our whole Salesian Family
I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy 2017.
This is a special time, as we get closer to these dates,  Because we are celebrating a wonderful mystery seen with the eyes of faith.  This reality, where God who loves unconditionally.
wants to share our history, by becoming one of us The Father with the Spirit sends his Son  And moreover does so this year when we have spoken so much about the family. He does this, not only with a wonderful mother, Mary of Nazareth, but in the bosom of a family.  God sought a family, at a certain time For his Son to become human… it is extraordinary. So my message this Christmas has to be this:  First, friends, I invite you to continue to grow in humanity.  Our world is in need of humanity.  It needs us to grow in mutual respect.
I ask, even though it is not in my power, that all wars may end,  I ask that we continue to grow with an ever more human heart  So that we may encounter God, for He has done this to us.  Finally, I invite you to do everything possible
to express our communion and our fraternity with those who need us most.
At times they are very close.
I would also like to ask for a special prayer for all the wars in the world.  We are well aware of the tragedy in Syria, I invite you to pray for Syria.  I invite you to pray for another 27 outbreaks of war that exist on this Christmas Eve.  I invite you to pray for our Salesian confrere Fr Tom. He has been missing for eight months and we have no news of him.
Dear friends, dear Salesian Family,  Dear Confreres, dear young people from around the world:  Living Christmas in this way is wonderful because it means We really allow God to live in us, to pitch his tent among us, and when He is present we will certainly grow in humanity.  Happy Christmas ... Happy 2017. See you soon!