VI Encounter of the Provincials of the two Regions, Centre & North Europe and Mediterranean Europe 26-07-2017 (res.)

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The Coordinator for Project Europe


Rome, 26th July 2016
Prot. 16/0307

Reverend Father Provincials
Centre & North Europe Region Mediterranean Europe Region
Main Offices

Dear Father Provincial,
I hope this finds you well; I present to you and your entire Province all best wishes for the beginning of this new formative and educative-pastoral year.

I wish to remind you that on the first days of December we shall have the VI Encounter of the Provincials of the two Regions, Centre & North Europe and Mediterranean Europe, to resume together our journey for Project Europe. The following are the days and timetable of the encounter:

  • Friday, 2nd December: opening at 13:00 hours, with lunch
  • Sunday, 4th December: conclusion at 14:00 hours, with lunch.

In order to begin our sharing, I send you the timetable of the days and the core of contents on which we shall discuss. This will allow you to share with your council the nature of the next encounter of the Provincials of Europe and also to begin to gather some feedback on the proposed themes of discussion.

The encounters of the Provincials of Europe have always proved important and fruitful, and so will also the next one be. It will focus on concrete and strong themes that represent our identity and a great part of our pastoral significance in Europe.

On some specific themes, such as working with migrants and refugees in your province, you will be consulted soon, so as to provide in the general discussion the rich experience of your Province.

This will always be done in the context of and in fidelity to the project of the Rector Major and of the General Council for the six-year period 2014-2020, where it deals with the two Regions, Centre & North Europe, and Mediterranean Europe.

If we know how to animate and involve the confreres, the youth and lay people in this process of reflection and proposition, the continuation of Project Europe will be more efficacious and fruitful.

With sincere thanks for your collaboration and with cordial greetings,

Fr. Stefano Martoglio
Coordinator of Project Europe

2 – 4 December 2016


Friday 2nd December

Arrival and Accommodation

13.00          Lunch

15.30          1st Working Time
Introduction to the themes of the encounter and dialogue
Rector Major
Moderator: Fr. Stefano Martoglio
                   Opening prayer
Presentation of the Programme of the Encounter

The word of the Rector Major

16.45          Break

17.15          2nd Working Time
“Working with migrants and refugees in the Provinces of Europe”
Speaker: Fr. Guillermo Basanes
Moderator: Fr. Tadeusz

  • Presentation of the work with refugees and migrants in Europe.
  • Presentation of the existing networks for the reception of refugees.
  • Discussion and Dialogue.

19.00          Break
19.15          Vespers in the Church of “Salesianum”
20.00          Dinner

Saturday 3rd December

07.00          Meditation
07.30          Eucharistic Celebration with Lauds in the Church of “Salesianum”
Votive Eucharist “Mary, cause of our joy
President: Rector Major
Homily: Fr. Francesco Cereda

School and professional formation in Europe
Moderator: Fr. Fabio Attard

09.15          1st Working Time: Assembly
“Pastoral challenges concerning the school and professional formation in Europe. Presentation of ongoing journeys”. Reflections and propositions.


11.15                   2nd Working Time: group work on the theme presented on the school and professional formation
- Group work: dialogue and reflection

12.15         Report and exchange in the assembly:  Questions and Discussion

12.45          Break
13.00          Lunch

Salesian Formation in Europe
Moderator: Fr. Ivo Coelho 

15.30          3rd Working Time
- Overview Presentation: our identity.
- Presentation of the ongoing journeys and points for reflection.

16.45          Break

17.15                   4th Working Time
Group Work
On the theme presented on Salesian Formation in Europe
- Group Work: exchange and reflection
“Challenges and Proposals on interculturality”

18.30          Report and exchange in the assembly: Questions and discussion

19.15          Break
19.30          Vespers in the Church of “Salesianum”

20.00          Dinner
21.00          Fraternal encounter with products of the Provinces

Sunday 4 December

07.30          Eucharistic Celebration in the Church of the General House
President: Rector Major
Liturgical animator: Fr. Stefano Vanoli.

Moderator: Fr. Filiberto Gonzales

09.30          1st Working Time:

  • Project “Salesian places”

Responsibility of the Rector Major with his Council and of the entire Congregation.
Speaker: Fr. Francesco Cereda

  • Salesian Missionaries in Project Europe

Presentation of data and exchange on good activities
Speaker: Fr. Guillermo Basanes

11.30          Break

12.00          2nd Working Time: Assembly
Conclusion of the Rector Major


13.00          Lunch