EAO Team Visit 2017-03-09 - SSCS Reactions of the assembly

March 9, 2017


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OPEN FORUM: Reactions of the assembly after all the eleven Provinces reported their respective reflections.

Fr. Matthew (CIN): To educate the youth of today, we need to make good use the Mass Media. But whenever we use it, many negative forces and dangers are also part of it. Do you have any guidelines on how to make use of Mass media today?

Fr. Godofredo (FIS): I take note of catchy phrases that are part of realities coming from the Major superiors:

  • Fr. Fabio: We are the Frame of Reference.
  • Fr. Filiberto: We are the Medium.

Such statements give us strong message that we need to take seriously in the evangelization of the young.

Fr. Fedrigotti (CIN): A phrase struck me on the management of expenses: it is quite expensive to produce materials of communications. It is much better to be ‘present’.

Fr. Savio (CIN): Im not sure of the program of this days of discussions. Fr. Filiberto emphasized on the message and the medium. How do we communicate our message to young people that all the things we have been discussing these past few days can reach the young and lay mission partners?

Fr. Vaclav (EAO): We often find it difficult in looking a good system for Social Communications around the Region. The FIS Presentation and the Assembly of Social Communications in FIN can be examples.

Fr. Filiberto (CSC): I need to begin from the last intervention coming from Fr. Savio. Our reshaping must begin from the individual, to the community, to the province. It is something new that many members of the GC join the Team Visit. This is a message in itself.
How do we create a good synergy? It is all about a ‘mentality’.
For example: Fr. Thepharat and Bishop Prathan are happy people and their attitude is a strong communication.
The person is the message.
We form a Salesian as a communicator and he will communicate to the youth the message.
What is the mega trend of this time?
A month ago, I read in one anti-Catholic media, there are 10 qualities of the person.
The seventh quality is: You must be a good communicator. He must know how to use the means of Social Communications.
The Rector Major always asks us to be people of service.
If the Pope goes to the Social Media, then it is important.
In the Frame of Reference, we need to have an open mind and heart; to be good in accompaniment. Not only to be inside the Social Media as passive users but to be active companions of the young.
The expensive means of communications (TV, Cinemas, Newspapers…) are in huge crisis because information are becoming easily accessible in the internet easily.
Pope Francis told us two days ago: Please use your Bible inside the Smart phone.
I invite you to invest in your Salesians, young people, and lay partners in being present of Social Communications, in Social Media.
After visiting the different Regions, we made clear proposals to be present in Social Media…not only passive but proactive users.
To say that this is nothing to do with our mission is a grave sin. Fr. Fedrigotti will go and make penance.
In the Guidelines of CSC, you will find the proper and responsible ways in being present in the social media. We can no longer escape this reality.
About our lay people, we share our mission in many and different ways.
For sure, the field of social communications is one of the most interesting field for  our lay people.
In America, 27 delegates, we discuss the synergy Salesianity and Communications.
Men and women, they participate in the Provincial Council and share about their roles in social communications.
In Central America, 6 countries, a lady delegate handles all the social communications activities in all these 6 countries, in all the salesian settings.
This is possible.

Rector Major: Message

I will highlight 5 phrases in the Youth Ministry as enlightened by your reports yesterday.

  • All Provincials and councils: Our students of Theology – What kind of Pastoral Formation do they undergo which they can be more prepared in the Youth Ministry after ordination?
  • If you need scholarship on specific formation for youth pastoral, please let me know. Do you have students of Theology or other confreres specialized in Youth Ministry, Social Communications., etc. This should be your priority.
  • We prepare lay mission partners to be actively involved in the Youth Pastoral Ministry. We need to maximize the potentials of our lay people in our ministry that our settings become more a Salesian mission.
  • Remember the three levels of the Youth Ministry: Environment, Small Groups of Faith, A Personal Accompaniment to the Young. This means that social communication is just one aspect of the youth ministry.
  • Social Communication begins with us. We need to read, to be present, to be proactive.