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The Central Salesian Archive includes three sections: Historical Archive, Current Archive and Photo Archive.

The Historical Archive is the section of the Central Salesian Archive which preserves documents of received realities, in the "archival" sense, at the end.

The current practices, of current use, and still 'open', are preserved in the Current Archive (particular section of the Central Salesian Archive).

The photographic material is kept in the Photographic Archive (another section of the Central Salesian Archive).





He was born with the same beginning of Salesian life in Valdocco. At the same Don Bosco, in fact, the punctual and orderly documentation of what happened at the Oratory was at heart.

The archival material is coded according to the current criteria of the archival discipline and the work structures and equipment are also updated and improved.

The material in the archive is divided into organic units (called "Fondi"), kept in special archival cabinets, stored in special containers (already 7000).

Precise criteria regulate the consultation of the Archive. Those who access it, after the research work, send a copy of their research or thesis to the same Archive.



The material that arrives in the Central Salesian Archive is divided into

  • Letters,
  • Documents relating to Houses and Provinces,
  • Chronicles of Houses and Provinces,
  • Personal documents and personal files of Salesians,
  • Cards of various contents,
  • Documents of Provincial Chapters and General Chapters,
  • Periodicals, Magazines, Newsletters.
  • Others.

All the archival material is kept in the large storage room, divided according to organic units (called "Fondi") in archival cabinets, and kept in special containers.

Here we give the overview of the main Funds, with the relative archival positions (Placement Numbers) affixed to the containers themselves.

Don Bosco Fund
A000 - A310
Fund Causes of Saints
A311 - A519 A762 - A804
General Secretariat Fund
A520 - A761 C504 - C589 D823 - D923
Missions Fund
Social Communication Fund
A936 - A979
Maria Ausiliatrice Fund
A980 - B015
Fondo Rettori gardens
B025 - B187
SDB Fund deceased and left (until 1931)
B192 - B662
Bishops SDB Fund deceased
B664 - B742
SDB Fund deceased and left (after 1931)
B744 - C503
FMA Institute Fund
C592 - C638
Salesian Family Fund
C642 - C700
Different funds
C701 - C759 G389 - G547
Gen. and Reg.
(1965-84) C760 - D091
Don Vigano Fund
D094 - D280
Special Practice Fund
D281 - D424
Salesian Society Fund
D425 - D544 D559 - D568
General Procura Fund
Fund for General and Provincial Chapters
D576 - D822
SDB Fund deceased and left (since 1985)
D978 - E052
Fund for SDB Operating Sectors
E171 - E550
Oratorio-Valdocco Fund
Salesian Provinces Fund
Salesian Houses Fund (Documents)
F380 - F737
Salesian Houses Fund (Chronicles)
F740 - F963
Salesian Houses Fund (New Foundations)
F964 - G004
Don Cimatti Fund
G008 - G034
ISP Chapters Fund - UPS - Details
G036 - G109
Don Ziggiotti Fund
G110 - G121
ISP Chapters Fund and Gen. and Atri
G122 - G342
Don Bosco Fund 88
G343 - G388
General Economic Fund


The Archivists' Work Room

It is a large and bright room equipped with work desks and chairs with computers, yearbooks, catalogs, dictionaries and reference tools, equipment for reading microfilm, etc. It is the usual place where the staff carries out the work inherent in the documents.

The Consultation Room

It is a room adjacent to the previous one, equipped with desks, where scholars and researchers are welcomed, who, for their thesis, studies or exercises, ask to consult certain documents.

The collection of Salesian Historical Researches (published by the Salesian Historical Institute), the Degree or Doctorate Theses of scholars, and some books on Salesian life are preserved there for the benefit of researchers.

The Storage Room

It is located on the ground floor, below the work and consultation rooms. All the archival patrimony of the Salesian Congregation is preserved in this large room. There are two sets of archival cabinets installed.

The first series (50 cabinets) contains over 7000 containers of various archival collections. The second series (40 cabinets) was built, in parallel with the previous one, in the summer period of 1999, in anticipation of the material that will flow into the ASC in the future.

The size of this room allows you to receive groups of people who, by their profession, wish to visit the ASC: for them there is also a small "permanent exhibition" of copies of documents that offer an emblematic idea of ​​what is kept in the ASC.


The Funds of Don Bosco and Don Rua have their "microfilmoschedatura": 2664 microfilm of the Don Bosco Fund and 1758 microfilm of the Don Rua Fund.

The microfilm is a work subsidy for Archivists and a means of knowledge of the document available to scholars.

Other equipment and work tools

At the disposal of the Archivists there are Lists and Yearbooks of ecclesiastical and civil extraction, the Volumes of Biographical Memoirs, the collections of the Salesian Bulletin, the Annals of the Congregation, Dictionaries, Photocopier, and other equipment.



careful repositioning in the right way and in the;

by scholars and researchers, regardless of the identity or profession of the users, or the type and consistency of the work, it is regulated by a careful criteria:

Personal identification of the researcher and relative registration (personal document; letter of presentation by his professor or higher; compilation of identification card and appropriate register).

Verification of the extent and purpose of the work for which the researcher-researcher came to the Archive.

Sufficient guarantee premises for card processing (maximum attention to the document)

Accompaniment of the researcher's work with basic methodological notions both in relation to the intact preservation of the cards, and in relation to the work process.

Check after the consultation: position, order, integrity of the cards.

The above must be practiced at any time or stage of the scholars' stay in the Archive: research, study, writing, computerization, etc.

Scholars and researchers, having completed their studies, research or thesis, send copies of their papers to the ASC.



It is part of the Central Salesian Archive and has been preserving photographic material for about 150 years. There are over a million photographs and other iconographic material classified by topic.

The preserved material refers

  • to Salesian works (from the beginning),
  • to missionary expeditions,
  • to the life of the Salesian missions,
  • to geographical discoveries (De Agostini and others),
  • to people,
  • Salesian activities, etc.


  • Luigi Cei
  • Tran Van Thien Francesco Saverio
  • Elena Moretti
  • Carla Riccioni