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GC27 Moderator's letter re Provincial Chapter contributions to GC27 - forms


Contributions of the Provincial Chapter to General Chapter 27


Rome, 30 June 2012
Prot. 12/0263

To Rev
Moderator of the Provincial Chaper


Subject: Forms for the contributions of the Provincial Chapter to be sent to the  GC27


Dear Fr Moderator,

                                     I congratulate you on your appointment as Moderator of the Provincial Chapter of your Province, Vice Province or Circumscription. My contacts with you are now beginning and I hope that our collaboration will be useful.
Attached ti this letter you will find the forms for the contributions of the Provincial Chapter to be sent to the GC27. These contributions need to be written in one of the following languages: Italian, French, English, Portuguese or Spanish.

1. First of all there are the forms for each of the three key issues of the theme “Witnesses to the radical approach of the Gospel,” To help encourage a concentration on the priorities, I ask you to be good enough to keep to this suggestion: “For each key issue it would be best that the written document to be sent to the Moderator as the contribution of the Provincial Chapter for GC27 be not more than two or at the most three pages” (AGC 413 p.66).
2. There is also the form for proposals regarding the life of the Congregation, the Constitutions or the  Regulations. In this case it is necessary that on each form there is just one proposal expressed in a clear and concise manner with the reasons for it.

These contributions need to be sent only in digital form before 15 July 2013:

  1. to me, the Moderator of the GC27:
  2. to Fr Saimy, Secretary of the Moderator  of th GC27:

Other documents of the Provincial Chapter, regarding the life of the Province, should be sent,  in digital form by the same date, to the Secretary  General, Fr Mariam Stempel:

I take this opportunity to send you my best wishes. In Don Bosco


                                                                                              Fr Francesco Cereda