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GC27 – Good night Talk of Fr. George Militante, FIS

Good night Talk of Fr. George Militante, FIS
9th April 2014

Dear Superiors, members of the 27th General Chapter, Dear confreres in the great family of St. John Bosco,

 I am Fr. George P. Militante, SDB representing the salesian southern Philippine Province – Filippine Sud (FIS)
I am grateful for the opportunity given to stand before you to talk about our country and the work of the salesians in filippine nord ( FIN ) but most especially in filippine sud ( FIS )

 Our country belongs to one of the developing nations in the Far East. We seldom come into the limelight of world attention… But certain sensational events in recent years have skyrocketed us to the platform of world focus. We can mention among them:

1. 1986 that toppled the 20years political reign of President Ferdinand Marcos

2. The phenomenal rise of our boxing hero in the world of sport - Manny Pacquiao.

3. And of course the unimaginable and unprecedented destruction brought about by the worst super typhoon that hit the country – Typhoon Yolanda /Haiyan last November. It was preceded by the October 15 7.2 earthquake in the nearby islands. It was the 24th storm to hit the country in 2013 and the worst in see the terms of world record. The aftermath led us to see what nature’s wrath would do - not only of massive destruction but obliteration of property, crops and infrastructures but above all lives lost.

 The nations of the world heard the cry and pleas of our Filipino brothers and sisters in need. There was overwhelming response. The salesian world too responded through the different NGOs and mission procures as well as individual houses, communities, students and members of the salesian family. We really felt that people care and the world has slowly become a village, a home to all of us who share the same humanity.

The South province has risen to the need of the emergency situation and has taken upon itself to be directly involved in the emergency relief and rehabilitation. Our confreres in the northern also did the same in their own way and we will continue to be of help for as long as we are needed.
Despite these difficulties and concerns, our country the Philippines, where there are now two salesian provinces established, we are truly blessed with natures bounty and a resilient people.

Description of Philippines
Description of our salesian work

In this bicentennial celebration of Don Bosco‘s birth we are resolved to commit ourselves to don bosco’s mission and spirit…. We make don bosco’s da mihi animas coetera our own. We hope to form our heart into that of the Good Sheperd - a pastoral burning with zeal, passion and love for the young
We would like to take this opportunity to express the sincere appreciation and gratitude of the Filipino people especially those nameless beneficiaries of the assistance of the countries and nations that you represent in this assembly as well as the salesians NGOs, salesian procures, individual houses and groups and members of the salesian family in a special manner the provinces belonging to the east asia oceania ( EAO). I n our meeting of EAO Provincials in Melbourne last November, Fr. Greg Chambers, Provincial of Australia, coined the word “Practical Solidarity.” We have seen and experienced it not only reached and thought, but also and more especially practiced and lived.
A Big Thank you, A Big Thank You, A Big thank you!

Good night… and God bless.