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Letter 2: Guidelines for List of the confreres of the Province


Rom, 14 July 2012
Prot. 12/0287

To thel Rev
Moderator of the Provincial Chapter

Subject: General List of the  confreres of the Province in  view of the Provincial Chapter

Dear Moderator,

                                     I hope that you are well. I am sending you this second communication regarding the carrying out of an important task; compiling the General List of the confreres of the Province in view of the Provincial Chapter which you can prepare with the help of the Provincial Secretary.

In preparing this List you should follow the indications which are offered in the Acts of the General Council 413; they are to be found in the fourth of the guidelines  entitled “Norms for the elections”, numbers The list should be made ready before the elections of the Provincial Delegates to the Provincial Chapter are carried out.

The General List of the confreres of the Province is that according to which the calculation is made

  1. both of the number of Province Delegates to the Provincial Chapter: one for every twenty five or fraction: Reg. 165,3;
  2. and of the number of Delegates to the General Chapter: one if the total of confreres is less than 250, two if they are equal to or above 250: Reg. 114.

This list should be sent in but only in digital form beginning in September 2012 to Fr Saimy, Secretary of the Moderator of the GC27:

I take this opportunity to send you my best wishes.

In Don Bosco.

                                                                                              Fr Francesco Cereda