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Letter 4: Use of computer systems at the GC 27

GC27 Use of computer systems

Rome, 9th November 2013
Prot. 13/0609

To the participants in the CG27:
Provincials, Delegates and Invitees
at their addresses

Subject: Use of computer systems at the GC 27

Dear Participants,

                                   Through this fourth letter I am sending you some information and guidelines concerning the use of computer systems during the GC27.

1 . For the work of the Chapter we shall ordinarily make use of documents and texts in Word, Excel and PDF digital formats. In this way we shall avoid the use of paper as much as possible.

2 . To facilitate communications during the Chapter we shall be installing an intranet network. It will enable many operations in your room, in the Chapter hall, and in the various halls at our disposal: indications about the daily time-table and the agenda, the sharing of documents, the counting of the absentees, voting...

3 . This means that each participant must bring to the GC27 his own portable laptop with one of the following operating systems: Windows, Linux or Mac.

4 . Your own portable laptop must be equipped with :
- An original operating system, if possible in one of the following languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish;
- A wireless network card;
- Antivirus;
- Browser: Mozilla Firefox;
- Microsoft Office or Office viewer;
- PDF reader;
- The latest software updates available.

5 . You are requested to bring with you:
- A power cable for your device;
- An adaptor for an Italian electrical outlet or shuko;
- CD / DVD software to instal or restore your operating system and any other licensed software that may be necessary to format your laptop in case a virus is detected.

6 . Before you arrive in Rome, it is recommended that you make a backup copy of your documents.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact Fr. Saimy, Secretary of the Moderator for the GC27:

With my cordial greetings in Don Bosco,

Fr. Francis Cereda