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Letter 4: The election of the Delegates of the Province


Rome, 20 July 2012
Prot. 12/0298

To the Rev
Moderator of the Provincial Chapter

Subject: Forms for the contributions of individual confreres or of groups of confreres to be sent to the Moderator of the GC27

Dear Moderator,
I am sending you another message regarding the contributions which individual confreres or groups of confreres can send to the General Chapter. The contributions need to be written in one of the following languages: Italian, French, English, Portuguese, Spanish.

Our General Regulations offer the possibility, not only to the Provincial Chapters but also to local communities, to groups of confreres or to individual members to be able to send to the Moderator of the GC27 their proposals (Reg. 112). I am therefore sending you the forms for these contributions.

1. In addition there are the forms for each of the three key issues of the theme “Witnesses to the radical approach of the gospel.” For these contributions it is important that they be expressed in their essentials.
2. There is also the form for proposals regarding the life of the Congregation, the Constitutions or the Regulations. In this case it is necessary that on each form there is only one proposal expressed concisely and with the reasons  for it.

I ask you to be good enough to see that these forms get to the communities of your Province or Vice Province and to ask the Rectors to let the confreres know about this opportunity.

These contributions need to be sent only in digital form by 15 July 2013:

  1. to me, Moderator of the GC27:
  2. to Fr don Saimy, Secretary of the Moderator of the GC27:

Thank you for your collaboration and with best wishes.
In Don Bosco,

                                                                                              Fr Francesco Cereda