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Letter 5: Data collection for the Statistics


Rome, 8th April 2013
Prot. 13/0105

To the Reverend
Fr. Provincial
at his address


Subject: Data collection for the Statistics to be presented to the GC27


Dear Fr. Provincial,

I hope that you are well and that your work too is proceeding smoothly. I am writing to inform you of the procedure for collecting the data of your Province, Vice-Province or Circumscription with a view to compiling the Statistics that will be presented to the GC27.

  1. With the help of some confreres who are collaborating with me, I have prepared some forms in “Excel” format for collecting the data needed to prepare the Statistics for the GC27.
  2. Together with this letter, these forms are being sent to the Provincial Formation Delegate, the Provincial Youth Ministry Delegate and the Provincial Secretary, according to each one’s field of activity; each of these confreres is entrusted with the task of filling his own form. As for the Provincial Delegate for Social Communication, he has already received from the General Councillor, Fr. Filiberto Gonzalez, some indications for the compilation of his data.
  3. When filling these forms, the reference must be to the situation of the Province, Vice-Province or Circumscription on the 15th of June 2013. In fact, this date happens to be “compatible” with the calendars of educative, pastoral and formation activities in the different parts of the Congregation. In the future too the data could be compiled every year.
  4. The completed forms are to be sent by the respective Delegates and the Provincial Secretary by electronic mail to Fr. Horacio Lopez: by the 15th of July 2013 at the latest.
  5. As usual, the General Secretary will ask the Provincial Secretaries to compile the “Flash” by 31st of  December 2013. The “Flash” data too will be useful for the GC27.


I thank you for your collaboration and greet you cordially. In Don Bosco,

                                                                                                            Fr. Francis Cereda