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Organisational details GC 27




The Moderator



Rome, 21 January 2014
Prot. 14/0016

To those taking part in GC27
Provincials, Delegates and Invited members

Subject: Organisational details

Dear Chapter members,

                                  The beginning of GC27 is not far off now; I am sending you some organisational details which have been passed on to me from those responsible for various services.

1. Laptops and similar
As I indicated in my last letter, each GC27 participant may bring his own laptop or portable computer with him. You are recommended to bring the usual internet (ethernet RJ45) cable. On arrival at the Generalate you should contact “Help Desk” at the Technical Office to have your computer provided with access credentials for the GC27 intranet: user name and password.

2. An alb for liturgies in Turin
For those coming through Rome before the pilgrimage, on arrival at the Generalate you can pick up an alb for liturgies from Bro Francesco Tran Van; bring that To Turin with you. Those going straight to Turin under their own steam can see Fr Franco Lotto, Rector of the Basilica of MHC, on arrival; he will give you an alb to use for the three days of the pilgrimage.

3. Personal linen
To guarantee a good laundry service and so you can easily get clean linen back, it needs to carry your surname. Should that not be possible at least see that items are clearly recognisable as yours; for any doubts or clarifications check with Fr Saimy:

4. Special needs
If you have special needs for the Chapter, for example dietary requirements or other, please let Fr Saimy know now what they are:

5. Airport arrivals
A confrere from the House will meet you at the airport to bring you back by car. He ill have a poster with a Don Bosco picture on it and the words CG27. In case of problems or delayed arrival, you can phone Fr Janusz Zapała (pron: Janush Zapawa) on +39.335-49.12.727 or reception at the “Salesianum” on 06-65.87.51 or reception at the Generalate on 06-65.61.21.

Along with this information I am sending you the programme for the Chapter’s pilgrimage in the Don Bosco places. Happy feast Day of Don Bosco

Warm regards

Fr Francesco Cereda