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Guidelines and policies: Calendar of preparation for the 27th General Chapter





In preparation for the GC27 the following calendar indicates the main events.

April 2012

In the period between 26 March and 4 April the Rector Major and the General Council studied the theme of the 27th General Chapter, its various aspects and the calendar. On 2 April the Rector Major appointed Fr Francesco Cereda Moderator of the GC27, according to the norms of article 112 of the General Regulations.
On the same day 2 April the Rector Major,  according to the norms of art. 112 of the Regulations, appointed the Technical Commission for the GC27, composed of the following confreres: Fr Fabio Attard, Fr Pierfausto Frisoli, Fr Filiberto Gonzalez, Fr Maria Arokiam Kanaga, Bro. Jean Paul Muller, Fr José Miguel Nuñez.
The Commission, chaired by the Moderator, met together in  Rome between 2 and 4 April and in various sessions studied and formulated the following items:

  • Calendar of preparations for the GC27, starting from the opening date decided by the General Council.
  • Outline for reflection and work on the theme of the GC26, offered as a help to the Provinces.
  • Suggestions for the preparation and carrying out of the Provincial Chapters.
  • Juridical norms useful for the elections.

The contributions drawn up by the Technical Commission were passed to the Rector Major by the Moderator and have become part of this number 413 of the Acts of the General Council.

On 8 April the Rector Major officially convokes the 27th  General Chapter, in accordance with articles 150 of the Constitutions and 111 of the General Regulations. He thereby specifies its principal purpose, place and opening date.
With the Acts of the General Council n. 413 the letter of convocation, the theme for the GC27, the guidelines for the calendar of preparation for GC27, an outline for reflection for the local and Provincial communities the instructions for the carrying out of the Provincial Chapters, and the norms for the elections are being sent to the Provinces.

July 2012

The Moderator sends to the Provincials the forms for the  minutes and the model sheets for the  contributions of the Provincial Chapters and of the confreres to the GC27. They are also placed on the site of the Direzione Generale.
The Rector Major appoints the Commission for the review of the minutes of the elections of the Provincial Delegates to the GC27 (cf. Reg. 115). Under the direction of the Moderator, this verifies the calculation of the number and the lists of the confreres belonging to the Province or Vice Province in view of the PC.

September 2012 - June 2013

Starting from September 2012, and as soon as possible the Provinces send to the Moderator of the GC27 the “General list of confreres belonging to the Province in view of the PC” (cf. AGC 413 n.
During this time in the Provinces the preparations for and the carrying out of the Province Chapter take place (C. 171-172), the date of which should be fixed according to the following dead line.

15 July 2013

Not later than this date the following documents in digital form should have reached the Moderator of the GC27:

  • The minutes of the Provincial Chapters.
  • The minutes of the election of the Delegates to the GC27 and their substitutes.
  • The contributions of the Provincial Chapters.
  • The contributions of individual confreres.

Proposals which arrive later than 15 July 2013 cannot  be taken into consideration.
Provincial Chapters which study themes concerning their own province  and make deliberations which need to be approved by the Rector Major with his Council in accordance with C. 170, must send the deliberations concerned to the Secretary General.

August 2013

The contributions received will be put in order and classified by a group set up for the purpose. In the meantime the Rector Major appoints the pre-capitular Commission for the preparation of the working documents to be sent to those taking part in the  GC27 (cf. Reg. 113).

September 2013

The pre-capitular Commission is at work.

November 2013

The working documents for GC27 prepared by the pre-capitular Commission are sent to the Provincials and the Provincial Delegates to the GC27.

December 2013 - February 2014

The members of the GC27 study the working documents in their own communities.

22 February 2014

The 27th General Chapter begins.

Conclusion of the Chapter

The duration of the GC27 is expected to be about two months;  12 April 2014 is expected to be its final day.