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Goodnight of the HAI Superior 'Rebuilding Haiti after the earthquake'

Goodnight of the HAI Superior
“To reconstruct Haiti after the earthquake”


The first Salesians arrived in Haiti in 1936.
At the moment we have71 sons of Don Bosco (the age average is 45): 3 lay brothers, 45 priests (out of them 1 is bishop and 3 are missionaries from Italy, Holland and Spain), 21 are in formation and 2 are novices. There are 10 communities: 6 in the area of Port-au-Prince, namely, Drouillard, Petion-Ville, ENAM, Thorland, Fleuriot, Gressier. 2 are in the north, namely, Cap-Haitien and Fort-Libere’. And then we have Gonaives in central Haiti and Cayes in the south.


  1. Oratories and youth centers   
  2. 12.350 Primary and Secondary School 36.345  (out of them about 20.000 in the OPEPB – P. Bohenn Small School Institution)
  3. Technical institution  8720


  1.    Kindergartens
  2.    Primary Schools
  3.    Evening Schools
  4.    Secondary Schools
  5.    Agricultural Schools
  6.    Hotel School
  7.    House Keeping

  1. Kindergarten and primary teachers’ school
  2. Nurse school
  3. Institute of Philosophy
  4. First Help Centers
  5. Street Children
  6. Boarding schools
  1. Youth Ministry / Pastoral Ministry for Vocation
  2. Education and schools
  3. Rinaldi Fund (program and development office)
  4. Salesian Technical Training Center (BTFPSA)
  5. Social Communication
  6. Salesian Family
  7. Missionary Animation

SALESIAN FAMILY Groups that we have in the Vice Province

  1. Salesians of Don Bosco SDB
  2. Salesian Sisters  FMA (95)
  3. Salesian Cooperators  (76)
  4. Associaton of Mary Help of Christians ADMA
  5. Community of the Missions of Don Bosco (1)
  6. VDB A (Aspirantate)

On January 12, 2010 the people of Haiti has experienced one of the most catastrophic days of its history. Even the Salesian Family has been strongly affected
by the earthquake. On February 12. 2010 the Rector Major visited us. All the provinces of the Congregation helped the Vice Province of Haiti in the emergency and for works of reconstruction. In April 2010 a number of benefactors of the Salesian Institutions have agree to gather in Haiti to get first hand knowledge of the situation and coordinate their assistance.Intervention and assistance in the emergency

  • Through the Rinaldi Funds (Planning and development office) and with the assistance of the salesian institutions, the Salesians of Haiti have made a remarkable effort to coordinate their assistance and, at the same time, to improve the management.
  • We are very thankful for what we received from the Congregation so generous,
  • from international organization so close to us, from benefactors and sympathizers of the salesians: thanks to their assistance we have been able to carry out a good number of projects,
  • Drouillard-Cite soleil/ before and after the earthquake – Reconstruction
  • Cap Haitien, The Vincent Fond strengthen its sectors
  • FORT-LIBERTE, The Don Bosco Technique (DBTEC) grows and improves its departments: Nurse School, Agricultural School, Primary School.
  • GRESSIER, The Don Bosco-Riobe’ is an over ‘ 7000 m2 construction built with help of several backers, to accommodate over 1000 students:Primary school, Boarding House, Community Hall.
  • CITE SOLEIL: Immaculate Conception Parish. The present state of the Immaculate Conception Parish.
  • THORLAND, Saint John Bosco: Restoration of the Community Hall. Accommodation for 12.000 refugees.
  • CAYES-BERGEAU, Blessed Michel Rua.: Soccer school, Water treatment and distribution center.
  • FLEURIOT, St. Francis of Sales, laying of the foundation stone of the new Provincial House – October 2010, Inter America Region provincials’ Meeting.
  • FLEURIOT, New Provincial House and New Postnovices House, Philosophy House of Studies.
  • PETION VILLE St. Dominic Savio. Elementary School Extension.
  • ENAM/OEPB/LAKAI, St John Bosco: Reconstruction of the School and of the Community.
  • GONAIVES, St. John Bosco, restarting of the activities and expansion of the technical training facilities.
  • Significant events
  • On behalf of the Salesians of Don Bosco of Haiti and of the youth entrusted to their care I thank the provinces for their assistance and the organizations that have been close to us with their enthusiasm and generosity in time of emergency and that have accompanied us until today with the works of reconstruction.
  • Thanks to God we are still alive and to those who continue to walk with us we say: trust us and stay with us: we need to be accompanied, helped, understood, respected and, above all, to be loved.
  • We, sons of Don Bosco in Haiti are convinced that the salesian charism contributes to the transformation of society by creating a new mentality in view of providing a good future to the youths entrusted to our cares so that they may become good Christians and honest citizens.

Blessed Philip Rinaldi, pray for us.