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Letter 2 -Contributions to the GC26


The Moderator of the GC26
Via della Pisana, 1111 - 00163 ROMA

Letter 02
to Provincials

Prot. 06/0520

Forms for the contributions to the GC26

Rome, 10 July 2006

To Revv.

Subject: Forms for the contributions to be sent to the GC26 and examples of the minutes for the elections

Dear Father Provincial,

Allow me to disturb you again, sending the necessary forms for sending contributions to the General Chapter. Please be good enough to pass on this letter and the attachments to the Moderator of the PC, when you have chosen him.

1. Forms for sending contributions from the Provincial Chapter to the GC26
These forms refer to the five key central topics which develop the theme of the GC26. In addition there is also a form to be used for any other contributions from the PC to the GC26, regarding the life of the Congregation, the Constitutions or the Regulations. The forms which refer to the theme of the GC26 could also be found useful for the work of the local communities.

2. Forms for sending personal or group contributions to the GC26
These forms are similar ot those presented above. The Moderator of the PC should make known to the confreres the possibility they have of sending to the Moderator of the GC26 personal or group contributions regarding the topic of the GC26 and any proposals they may have about the life of the Congregation and let them have copies of the forms to be used in sending them in.

3. Examples of the minutes for the election of the Delegates and substitutes to the PC
On the site of the Direzione Generale can be found examples of the minutes for the election of the Delegates and their Substitutes to the PC. They are in Italian. Each Province should prepare its own form of minutes based on these examples. It is important to remember what is said about these minutes in the “Guidelines and Policies” of the AGC 394 in number 2.4.4. and under letter A and B.

Thanking you for your attention and collaboration and with best wishes,

Fr Francesco Cereda
Moderator of the GC26