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Exercises to Salesians 1955 - Presentation of the sermons of Ven. Don Vincenzo Cimatti to the Salesians of Japan

Presentation of the sermons of Ven. Don Vincenzo Cimatti 
to the Salesians of Japan recorded in the Spiritual Exercises of July 1955



Of Don Cimatti we have notes of 44 mute of Spiritual Exercises, which can be read on the internet at the SDL Salesian site. But of the Exercises preached in the Salesian studentate of Chofu on the outskirts of Tokyo from 25 to 29 July 1955, we can also hear his living voice. 
At that time, they were registered as missionaries in Japan without their knowledge by Don Federico Baggio. A few years ago the magnetic tape was in use, and the 3 reels were delivered by him to the undersigned in 2005, 50 years after the registration. They were immediately transported to CD, transcribed and are now kept in the Don Cimatti Museum in Tokyo. The recording can be said good and the voice of Don Cimatti is lively, full of energy, warmth and expression. Speak in Italian, because the participants understood this language. Unfortunately there was a small airfield nearby, from which occasionally some aircraft rose, the noise of which could not be completely eliminated. 
At that time, 4 sermons were held every day in the Exercises. Those of the morning and evening were the "Meditations", the other two, of a practical nature, were called "Instructions". Fr Cimatti preached 10 instructions on the Salesian spirit, based on the writings of Don Bosco and his experience. He not only taught him the salesian spirit, but lived it faithfully throughout his life. The Rector Major Fr Renato Ziggiotti, his former pupil, defined him: "One of the typical representatives of the Salesian spirit ... A perfect Salesian, a master of name and in fact of the fundamental virtues for our educational mission." 
These are the titles of the 10 instructions: 1 Follow Don Bosco 2 Unity of spirit 3 Confession 4 Accountability 5 Missionary spirit 6 Obedience 7 Poverty 8 Chastity 9 Prayer 10 Charity.
Personally, I leave the judgment to the readers and to the listeners, but having had the grace to live with him for 7 years, in doing this work of transcription of his words I relived many beautiful memories and thanked the Lord for having been able to live at the school of so much master. I am sure you will enjoy them too, in the hope of seeing him soon Beato and then Santo.

Tokyo, 24 May 2013
Fr Gaetano Compri, Salesian, Vice-postulator of the Cause of Ven. Don Vincenzo Cimatti 

NB. Since these are live recorded sermons it is inevitable that there are noises and differences in level of the voice. CD transport was not easy either, as the magnetic tape was often cut. We tried to avoid everything using the most modern techniques, but it was not possible to eliminate all the noises, especially in the first sermon. Sometimes it is difficult to hear a few words. We recommend listening to the voice with the transcription in front of your eyes