Who are we?



  • Live in communities that are actively engaged in the world of young people.
  • Are members of the Church and work in harmony with its teachings.
  • Prayer and obedience to the Spirit of God are the foundation of our service.
  • Strive to make Don Bosco's dream a reality and to spread his style and charism.
  • Live our consecration to God through the three vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.
  • The choice of the young translates into strengthening our credibility as "signs and bearers of God's love" for each of them.
  • Our preferential option is to work among the poor and abandoned youth of society.
  • Being “signs and bearers of God's love to young people” is our road to holiness - the path that each of us has chosen to take alongside the young.
  • Have been recognised in the Catholic Church as a clerical religious institute of pontifical right, dedicated to apostolic works since 1 March 1869.
  • Don Bosco, inspired by the goodness and zeal of Saint Francis de Sales, gave us the name ‘Salesians’.
  • Are recognised as a legal entity with civil effect by the Italian State as “Direzione Generale delle Opere di Don Bosco”,
  • The headquarters are at the Sede Centrale Salesiana Via Marsala 42, 00185 Rome

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