Who are we?



Why do we dedicate our lives and our activities to the service of young people?

We feel called by God to walk in the footsteps of our founder. “The Lord made clear to Don Bosco that he was to direct his mission first and foremost to the young especially to those who are poorer.”

We believe that this choice for young people is of supreme importance:

“Young people are at the age when they must make basic life-choices which affect the future of society”.

We are convinced that our option for the poorer youth of society is imperative.

They are at a greater disadvantage, more impressionable, more vulnerable and often exposed to grave danger thus making them easy “victims of injustice”.

“With Don Bosco we reaffirm our preference for the young who are ‘poor, abandoned and in danger’, those who have greater need of love and evangelization, and we work especially in areas of greatest poverty.”

“Making the concern of Don Bosco our own, we go to them to prepare them to take their place with dignity… and to alert them to the role they must play in the Christian transformation of social life.” (source: C. 26, 27)