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ZAMBIA - ZIMBABWE - MALAWI - NAMIBIA Year 5 | Issue No. 20 Sep - Oct - Nov 2011
Editorial: New Salesian Bishop 3
Rector Major: God’s Call 4
Provincial’s message: Christmas Celebrations 6
Pope: Africa Freshness of Hope 7
X CIVAM Meeting: Kigali 8
Significant Milestone - Liturgy 9
Congress on Salesian Histoy 11
Lufubu: New Challenges 12
News from the Salesian World 13
Good Practices & Famous Quotes 17
Don Bosco in ZMB: Road Map 18
All Roads lead to Christmas 19
PDO: The way forward 21
Salesian Novices 23
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2 ZMB Salesian Newslink
“Come and see what the Lord has done”!

ZMB Salesian Newslink 3
Fr. Javier Antonio
Barrientos sdb
he news of the appointment of Fr qualities, fidelity and personal gifts of the candidate Clement Mulenga SDB as bishop of who now is to be shepherd of the newly created the newly created Diocese of diocese of Kabwe.

Kabwe has filled people with joy. Fr I consider that the Congregation although now Mulenga is to become not only the deprived of one of its sons in the ministry of the first bishop of Kabwe, but he is the first Zambian Salesian to become young wins an ambassador and father for the youth bishop. Don Bosco, in the early years of the oratory, who carries with himself the Salesian heritage and when he was about to found the Salesian who will [most likely] make of the Diocese of Congregation, addressing some of his young Kabwe, “a youth-oriented-diocese”.

collaborators [clerics] told them openly, “I see bishops and cardinals from among you”. Don Bosco’s dream and prophecy has also reached our province. I believe it wasn’t in the mind of the first Polish Salesians who came to Zambia to look for vocations in order to make them priests and prepare them to one day become bishops; their main scope in their missionary enterprise was to bring the Salesian charism to this part of Africa and make sure that young people follow Jesus in the footsteps of Don Bosco.

The history of the Congregation shows how the Salesian charism has rapidly spread worldwide, in the turn of a century. In many countries, the mission was established and developed gradually, local vocations were groomed to take up the responsibility of animation and leadership and slowly the transition was made, ensuring the Let all our prayer and fraternal support accompany continuity of the Salesian charism by care of local Fr Mulenga who moves to Kabwe to be the head of vocations. the Local Church, a father to all, especially those The Church, by appointing Fr Clement Mulenga most in need, a defender of the poor and neglected of bishop, validates the missionary effort of the society but most of all a father and friend of the Salesian Congregation here in this region of Africa; youth of Kabwe.

it considers worthy of making Fr Mulenga head of a new diocese and thus confirms its trust in the Editorial New Salesian Bishop T Hopes and Challenges 4 ZMB Salesian Newslink RECTOR MAJOR t the heart of the Old p r o c e s s b e g u n wi t h t h e Testament there is a call Enlightenment was accelerated.

from God to Moses, on the This had put anend to the societas day of the burning bush. The cristiana, through the triumph of Lord said: «I have seen the agnostic and anti-Christian miserable state of my people ideologies, with their declared in Egypt. I have heard their appeal to incompatibility between reasonbe free of their slave-drivers. Yes, I am science and faith, the progressive well aware of their sufferings. I mean disaffection of the middle and to deliver them out of the hands of the working classes with ecclesiastical Egyptians and bring them up out of institutions (more rapid in the that land to a land rich and broad...» cities, more gradual in the (Exodus 3,7-8). countryside). In Italy the Roman «I have seen … I have heard … I am well question opened a painful wound aware… I mean to deliver them ». in the heart of believers. Under the These are four words about perfect pressure of the lay anticlerical fatherliness. God does not abandon intelligentia and of the bourgeois his children. Don Bosco was called to business class, which, through the incarnate God’s fatherliness in our press, fashioned public opinion times. and l i f e s t y l e s , the new Atimeofwounds generations, being formed in a school which was progressively DonBoscowas living and working in a agnostic, became disoriented, an period of rapid and epoch-making easy prey to ideas and behaviour change. This change was traumatic, far removed from Christian especially in the social and practice. At the same time, new ecclesiastical fields. In particular, the forms of poverty were appearing, For us is a lesson of hope and courage...

to renew our fidelity Don Bosco’s choices are determined by the call of God, the Lord of history massive internal and external migration, ideas in tune with the requirements and the tastes cultures being uprooted, the exploitation of the of the times and of the young, but responses, work-force and moral brutalisation of the prompt and really effective (since they were farpoorestgroups in thepopulation. sighted and the result of a process of discernment and of agenuine loveof God) tonewproblems, new Saving theyoung challenges, new needs, new “satanic”attacks, starting from a solid faith, an unwavering hope, It was precisely this historical context, these from an total gift of himself to God and to his social traumasand these tensionswhichwere for brothers (and sisters), from an inner freedom, the Don Bosco the stimulus and the valuable result of purification and self-detachment. He occasion to discern the voice of God. While wrote to a priest who was discouraged: «Is there others argued, condemned, bewailed the sad work to be done? I shall die on the field of work state of affairs of their times, he was able to sicut bonus miles Christi. Am I good for little or perceive God present and active in human nothing? Omnia possum in eo qui me confortat.

history. Trained as hewas to feel himself a pastor Are there thorns? With the thorns changed into called to work for the salvation of the human flowers theangels will makeyouacrownin heaven.

race, especially for that of youth, he became Are times difficult? They alwayswere, but God will immersed in his own times, critically, but never fail to come to your help: Christus heri et lovingly and creatively, fully a part of the often hodie» (25 October 1878, Ceria, Epistolario di S.

deeply-felt events taking place around him, Giovanni Bosco, III, 399).

ready to give his life for the missionwhich he felt himself called to undertake, convinced that the graceof God is strongerthananyhumanobstacle and effectively supports anyone who works to spread in peoples’ hearts Christ’s Kingdom.

The situation of the poor boys he met in Turin in the ’40s and ’50s, but also ecclesial, politicalsocial events and the new laws, encouraged and shaped in practical ways his gift for education, his pastoral zeal, his natural talents, and they led him towards a discernment which was proactiveand preventive.

In the decades which follow, the situations will change, new problems will arise, but his way of thinking and his spiritual approachwill lead him to expand his horizons, to formulate activities and plans, to multiply his operations, coinvolving ever growing hosts of disciples, supporters, benefactorsand well-wishers. In this way the expression “poor and abandoned boys” will acquire an ever broader significance, not only in socio-economicterms, butalso spiritual, cultural and moral.

For us it is a lesson of hope and of courage, an «I can do all things in Him who gives me invitation to shake ourselves, and to renewour strength!» fidelity, our commitment, and our trust in God.

His modernity consists in this: not only new ZMB Salesian Newslink RECTOR MAJOR 5 our lives, depending on the amount of care we My DearFriends, undertake to prepare ourselves for it. The feast of Christmas brings to our minds the obvious note of hope that we can begin again, that our past does not We are surprised at the speed at which this year has need to determine our lives. We can break out from moved. We are at the threshold of a new year 2012. our past and live more meaningful lives in the This is an indication that we were happy at what we future. This will not just magically happen on were about during the past year. Otherwise it would Christmas Day. We need to take each day of our have looked as if it were ages for the days to move preparation for Christmas and bring Christ into our on. life of that particular day…. - to let ourselves be We are a few days away from Christmas and we all guided by His values, His teachings, His plans, His sing that famous advent song ‘We long to see Thee wishes. This is the way to bring Christ into our lives so’. Where in many places especially in the U.S. and the best preparation we can do for the and Europe, people try to take away Christ from Celebration of Christmas.

Christmas, ‘Happy Holiday!’ (instead of Happy Christmas)…. ‘Holiday tree(instead of Christmas Many young people fear to let Christ into their lives, tree)!!!’ - we want to emphasize the fact that because they feel they cannot live their lives as they without Christ, celebration of Christmas has no want, they will lose their freedom, they will have to meaning. Christ decided to share our human nature be observant etc. But this is an unfounded fear.

and become one like us to give us hope and courage There is an inner lasting joy that comes to us in that things can be better. He came to show that in letting ourselves be guided by Christ and His spite of apparent hopeless situations, every values.

situation can be redeemed. This is the essence of In one of his exhortations to young people, Pope Christmas – the reinjection of hope brought about Benedict XVI told young people: “If we let Christ by Jesus, in a hopeless world . So taking Him out of into our lives, we lose nothing, nothing, absolutely Christmas makes ‘no sense’ of the celebrations. nothing of what makes life free, beautiful and great.

……….. Dear young people, do not be afraid of As believers, this is what we want to present to the Christ! He takes nothing away and he gives you young – the celebration of Christmas is an occasion everything. When we give ourselves to him, we to have hope in their apparent ‘hopeless’ situations receive a hundredfold in return. Yes, open, open of routine, evil habits, laziness, addictions, trying wide the doors to Christ – and you will find true life” to take the easy way’etc…. In spite of our good will, (Verbum Domini No. 104) even if we have had relapses, there is a chance to begin anew to have new hopes that we can do better. I wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2012 during which you will We have to thank God for the blessings he has given experience the closeness to the Lord to each one of us during the past year. There is a happy atmosphere you.

of family that is spontaneously seen when we meet together. We thank God for the gift of Bishop-elect Yours, Clement Mulenga who will be consecrated soon as the first bishop of Kabwe. Fr George Chalissery SDB Any feast that we celebrate will leave a mark upon 6 ZMB Salesian Newslink Christmas Celebrations Fr George Chalissery SDB Provincial of ZMB Provincial’s Christmas Message ZMB Salesian Newslink 7 Church Today Pope Benedict XVI Pope Benedict XVI VATICAN CITY, NOV. 23, 2011 ( Benedict XVI dedicated today's general audience to a review of his weekend trip to Benin, reporting that he found in Africa a "freshness of hope.” As is customary after an apostolic journey, the Pope used his audience address to highlight some of the main elements of the Nov. 18-20 trip to Benin.

The main point of his visit was to entrust the post-synodal apostolic exhortation "Africae Munus" to the Church.

The Holy Father spoke of Africa as being a protagonist in "a new season of hope," with its "commitment to the service of the Gospel and with the courageous witness of effective solidarity." "In Africa, I saw a freshness in the 'yes' to life, a freshness in religious sensibilities and a freshness of hope, as well as a sense of reality in its totality, with God -- and not reduced to a positivism that, in the end, extinguishes hope," he said.

The Pontiff reflected that this "tells us that the continent contains reserves of life and vitality for the future upon which we can rely, upon which the Church can rely.” Every effort "My journey was a great appeal to Africa to direct every effort to announcing the Gospel to those who as yet do not know it," the Holy Father explained. "This involves a renewed commitment to evangelization -- to which each of the baptized is called -- by promoting reconciliation, justice and peace." Citing "Africae Munus," the Bishop of Rome said he commends Africa to Our Lady.

He said, "May the maternal intercession of Mary 'whose heart is always inclined to God's will, sustain every effort at conversion; may she consolidate every initiative of reconciliation and strengthen every endeavour for peace in a world which hungers and thirsts for justice’ (Africae munus, 175)." AFRICA, FRESHNESS OF HOPE Source ZENIT.ORG Pope Dedicates General Audience to Benin Trip 8 ZMB Salesian Newslink X CIVAM X CIVAM Regional Conference of Provinces, Vice-Provinces and Delegations of Africa and Madagascar By Fr Javier A. Barrientos SDB Lubumbashi (Congo Democratic Republic) 16-21/09/2011.- Gathering of Provincial Youth Delegates of the African-Madagascar Region (CIVAM) at the Salesian provincial house in Lubumbashi.

Fr Fabio Attard, the General Councillor for Youth Ministry gathered at Lubumbashi, Republic of Congo, with all the youth delegates of the Africa-Madagascar Region to evaluate the progress made in the field of youth animation. Fr Fabio presented to the assembly a document from the Youth Department entitled “Rethinking Salesian Youth Ministry”, which aims at improving the quality of the youth ministry in the Congregation. This process of reflection began in Rome during the Consulta, a meeting that gathered a youth delegate from each Region in the Congregation with the team of the Youth Ministry Department, expressing the challenges youth ministry finds in the various regions of the Congregation. At the end of the meeting, a small tool for reflection was produced and presented by the Rector Major.

The meeting in Lubumbashi tackled some other pressing issues such as the imminent visit of Don Bosco's casket to the Africa- Madagascar Region and the forthcoming Team Visit with the Rector Major scheduled for February 2012 in Nairobi. Reports from the various provinces showed the variety of experiences of the youth animation in the Africa-Madagascar Region.

Towards the end of the meeting, Fr Fabio reminded the participnts that one of the major challenges in the youth ministry is to help confrere, communities and the entire province pass from an 'activity-centred-ministry' to a 'process-centred-ministry' in which activities are no longer the centre of attention but part of an ongoing process in the efforts to bring young people closer to Jesus Christ.

The meeting ended by suggesting the focus of the youth ministry for the year 2012: Creating a Vocational Culture and dedication to the Family Ministry.

Kigali (Rwanda) 22-28/10/2011.- CIVAM Meeting of Provincials and Delegates for Social Communication.

Fr Filiberto Gonzales, Councillor for Social Communication together with Fr Julian Fox met at Kigali with all 13 provincials and their delegates for Social Communication.

The event was held at the provincial house of the Vice-Province of the Great Lakes (AGL) in Kigali. The event aimed at encouraging Salesian provinces and Vice-Provinces to start a process of collaboration and networking within the African Region and with the Congregation as a whole. Fr Filiberto presented a document from the Congregation that explains what is expected of each Salesian and province in the field of Social Communication. Various p r o v i n c e s p r e s e n t e d t h e achievements made in the field of SC and they also presented their concerns in the same field, most especially in the line of formation of candidates.

Fr Filiberto expressed his satisfaction with the efforts made in the Region and strongly encouraged provincials to animate their confreres to venture more into the ‘Digital Continent’ where young people are nowadays mostly found.

General CIVAM-Youth Delegates visiting a Cobalt Smelter Kigali: Social Communication Delegates - CIVAM ZMB Salesian Newslink 9 n the first Sunday of Advent, the The people SIT for the first and second reading new translation of the Roman including the responsorial psalm.

Mi s sal into Engl i sh was They SIT for the homily and during the preparation of introduced without, at least in the gifts.

this part of the world, much of a They KNEEL during the Consecration.

fanfare. (However, where it has been the custom to KNEEL A great deal has been written concerning the new from the end of the ‘Holy, holy....’ until the doxology, English translation which slavishly follows the Latin ‘through him and with him and in him......’ and after text – not always, in my opinion, very comfortably. the ‘Lamb of God....’ until Holy Communion, the And, I am sure, more will be written in the future. continuation of this practice is to be encouraged.

However, this new publication of the Roman Missal (See GIRM: 43) also provides an opportunity to reflect not only on Finally, if appropriate, the people may SIT for a the kind of language we use, but also on the way we moment of reflection after receiving Holy celebrate Holy Mass. Communion.

The powers that be, in the Vatican, have long been concerned about the many ‘abuses’ that have found INCULTURATION.

their way into the Eucharistic celebration over the Having said this, it is important to note that National years, either through ignorance of the rubrics or Conferences of Bishops may apply to Rome for through the private piety/devotion of the priest. permission to adapt some elements of the Mass The General Instruction of the Roman Missal (GIRM: according to local custom. (See especially GIRM: which can be found at the front of the Roman Missal) 390).

as well as the rubrics (official directions within the However, it is interesting to note that in Africa the Missal itself) seem to emphasise certain aspects of Bishops of the Dioceses of Kenya and as well as the the Eucharistic Celebration which have largely been Bishops of Southern Africa have largely followed the ignored or ‘unofficially changed’. postures as directed by the Roman Missal. (See The following brief reflection touches on a number pages 94-97 of the Introduction to the Missal for of these elements as they affect the congregation at details.) Mass (how they affect the role of the celebrating With regard to the Bishops Conference of Zambia, at priest may be considered at a later date), and is the above mentioned meeting of the priests of the based on the GIRM, the rubrics and a recent meeting Lusaka Archdiocese, the Archbishop pointed out that of the Priests of the Archdiocese of Lusaka. it had been originally decided that the people should KNEEL for the penitential rite, and SIT during the THE COMMUNITY GATHERED TO CELEBRATE: Gloria and the proclamation of the Gospel. However, I detected some confusion here since at least one POSTURE Zambian Bishop seems to have ‘broken ranks’ and Basically, the new publication of the Missal, directed the people of his diocese to STAND for the presumes that the people will STAND throughout proclamation of the Gospel. The Archbishop the celebration: from the beginning of the entrance suggested that these guidelines be ‘revisited’ so that hymn to the end of the final/recessional hymn. new, clear and unambiguous guidelines might be Except for the following: given to the Catholics of Zambia.

A SIGNIFICANT MILESTONE IN THE CELEBRATION OF HOLY MASS IN ENGLISH By Fr Dennis Higgins SDB O NEW ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF THE ROMAN MISSAL 10 ZMB Salesian Newslink What seems to be important, though, is that the At most parish celebrations it is should not be people STAND for the ‘presidential prayers’: that is, difficult to estimate the number of communicants at the prayers said out loud by the priest, in his role as each Mass.

‘presider’ over the assembly. See GIRM 85: “It is most desirable that the faithful, “These prayers are addressed to God by the Priest just as the Priest himself is bound to do, receive the who presides over the assembly in the person of Lord’s body from the hosts consecrated at the same Christ, in the name of the entire holy people and of all Mass.....” present. Hence they are rightly called the Furthermore, only the priests (not even deacons) ‘presidential prayers.” (Chapter II of the Introduction may give themselves Holy Communion.

to the Missal – page32). The deacon and the people do not take but RECEIVE Therefore, the people are to STAND for the opening Holy Communion.

prayer of the Mass (before the readings), the prayer See GIRM 182 re. Deacons and GIRM 160 re. The over the gifts (here the people are to stand as they people.

say ‘May the Lord accept the sacrifice at your hands...... ‘ See The Order of Mass No. 29) and for ANNOUNCEMENTS: the prayer after Holy Communion. Again, GIRM 90 is very clear. “BRIEF announcements, should they be necessary”, are made before the final THE SIGN OF PEACE. blessing. If only...... if only!!!

GIRM 82 puts it perfectly. “As for the actual sign of peace to be given, the manner is to be established by These are just a few areas of which we may have the Conferences of Bishops in accordance with the been unaware or unsure in the past.

culture and customs of the peoples. However it is The aim of unity of movement, posture and appropriate that each person, in a sober manner, responses by the people during Mass is not to offer the sign of peace ONLY TO THOSE WHO ARE achieve some kind of military precision, but rather to NEAREST.” (Capitals mine) express the unity of the whole assembly among As we shall see later, this includes the presiding and themselves and with the Roman Catholic Church concelebrating priests!!! throughout the world.

I give the last word to the General Instruction of the HOLY COMMUNION. Roman Missal.

“The people are fed from the table (altar) not from the cupboard (tabernacle)”. Something I learned “The gestures and bodily posture of both the Priest, many years ago from a very wise priest. the Deacon, and the ministers, and also of the The celebrant should not consecrate one large host people, must be conducive to making the entire and then distribute Holy Communion from a celebration resplendent with beauty and noble ciborium taken from the tabernacle. simplicity, to making clear the true and full meaning of its different parts, and to fostering the participation of all. Attention must therefore be paid to what is determined by this General Instruction and by the traditional practice of the Roman Rite and to what serves the common spiritual good of the People of God, rather than private inclination or arbitrary choice.

A common bodily posture, to be observed by all those taking part, is a sign of the unity of the members of the Christian community gathered together for the Sacred Liturgy, for it expresses the intentions and spiritual attitude of the participants and also fosters them.”(GIRM 42) Notes on Liturgy “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jomo Kenyatta asked a confrere next to me, ‘what is he talking about?’ International Airport - Karibuni sana.” I looked at “He is saying learn to write and write what you learn,” he my watch. It was 16:30 local time. I looked through the replied.

window and remembered that I was at this airport 9 years Two days later recommendations came up: 1. KEEP before. As I walked out of the plane, two ladies stood by CHRONICLES IN ORDER. USE PROPER BOOKS AND INK the entrance and one of them said, ‘welcome Sir’ and the PENS; 2. PHOTO ALBUMS FOR THE HOUSE. DESCRIBE other said ‘Karibu sana.’ I acknowledged their routine BRIEFLY WHAT IS ON THE PHOTO; 3. CONFRERES MUST greetings and proceeded. I reached the immigration WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT THEMSELVES; 4. ALL counters and a young man there said to me ‘Karibu sana.’ RECORDS: FINANCIAL, COUNCIL MEETING, CIRCULAR As I reached the waiting place, l looked around but LETTERS AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS TO BE PROPERLY couldn’t see any familiar face. On the extreme side, a man KEPT; 5. ALL COMMUNITIES MUST PRESERVE THEIR was there holding a placard: DON BOSCO, IGNATIUS and at DOCUMENTS IN SAFE PLACES WHERE THEY CAN BE the bottom was written ‘WELCOME – KARIBU.’ I LOCKED- It can be even a simple metal cabinet.

approached him and looked at his T-shirt. It was written The same recommendations went for the provincial ‘Karibu Kenya.’ archives. These documents may prove vital in constructing After 5 minutes, it was time to be in the taxi, back history of the place in future. CHALLENGE: Confreres must to the once familiar roads of Nairobi. My destination was learn to see the importance of DATA Preservation. With DBYES (DON BOSCO YOUTH EDUCATION SERVICES). 20 these recommendations, the meeting ended.

minutes later, I heard a big noise from behind. What was Afterwards I went back on Nairobi roads, this time in a it? I was in an accident – A little blood on my tongue but I matatu (mini-bus). It was neat with safety belts. Loud was ok. The taxi was quite damaged. As a good Catholic I music blocked my ears and for some time I was deaf. In told the driver to thank God for saving our lives. “It was front of me was big writing in red: We are on dangerous because I swerved the car fast, that’s why we have roads, but trust HIM. As I looked outside checking why the survived,” my driver replied. I thought to myself, “Certainly matatu had slowed down, I saw three bodies lying on the this man is not a Christian. We Christians see God’s hand in side – two cars involved in an accident. I looked at the everything.” Finally, after good one hour at the spot, the writings again: We are on dangerous roads, but trust HIM.

taxi was able to move. We were back on the road. The Yes I trusted HIM.

driver told me, “You know, I always pray every morning for I arrived in the city. Heavy – cold weather accompanied me the grace to make good decisions on these roads.” I sipping the cup of tea with chapatti. Kikuyu music from the shamefully reversed my thoughts about him in my heart. I 70’s, impolite waiters and more visibly the dirty street kids learned a lesson: Pray every morning. In no time, I was at all surrounded the restaurant. Yes I was back in Nairobi! As DBYES and the lady at the reception said to me ‘Welcome – if in the dream, I was at the airport, destined for Lusaka Karibu sana.’ and a lady said to me ‘Goodbye – Kwaheri.’ There I was in the company of 30 others, SDB’s Back to business: I was at the provincial house. It was very and FMA’s. The meeting was about the SALESIAN HISTORY. quiet. Five cats accompanied me as I reached out to a glass More correctly, it was about awareness regarding keeping of cold water in the dining room. Cats moved freely around Salesian documents. Good keeping of documents can my legs as if saying, ‘Welcome- Mwaiseni.’ As I held the proof useful in future for history writers. glass in my hands, a thought passed through my mind: ’BONJOUR and BONGIORNO’ became the order learn to write and write what you learn. At that time I of the day for the next three days, in and out of my ears. remembered my confrere who once said to me, “We Pardon me, I am not so good, otherwise I would have Salesians like to talk, and writing is not our vocation.” As I become fluent in those two. There was little ‘GOOD wanted to pick a pen and write my thoughts, I realized that MORNING’ and unfortunately I belonged to the GOOD I was in Harare pumping the balls for the boys.

MORNINGS. Two hours into one of the conferences, I ZMB Salesian Newslink 11 Salesians: Learn to write and write what you learn CONGRESS ON SALESIAN HISTORY On the importance of keeping records for writing history in years to come By Fr Ignatius Musenge SDB L 12 ZMB Salesian Newslink Lufubu Students inaugurating the new school borehole Literacy Lesson for kids of Lufubu Village Students gathered around the new borehole Belgian Volunteers from Jeugddiesnt Don Bosco Belgian Volunteers building the Study Hall ufubu is a village in Kawambwa district with less than two thousand inhabitants. As it is in the entire African continent the majority of them are children and youngsters. Lufubu has got two educational institutions: a basic school (over 700 children) and Agriculture College (40 students) as well as across the stream a Rural Health Centre and the saw mill.

One of the great challenges there is water-borne diseases. Due to the human factor the Lufubu Stream is no longer as clean as it used to be. The water of the stream is used for washing, soaking cassava, bathing and human consumption. Nowadays the stream is regularly poisoned at various points for fishing purposes… One can easily imagine that consumption of such contaminated water may cause various diseases and some fact going to the river increases possibility of meeting with snakes and malaria carrying mosquitoes.

Thanks to the funds obtained from the Polish Government by the Salesian Voluntary Movement of Krakow we have three boreholes in the area. Both schools and the oratory have now fresh borehole water to drink. We are grateful to the sponsors and pray for other five boreholes that are needed to ‘make Lufubu safe’.

The second challenge is unemployment which will be definitely close to 90%.

The confusion about the authority over the land doesn’t allow the people to through themselves into agriculture. It is not clear whether the land belongs to Mwata Kazembe, a traditional ruler or to the government. Definitely a distribution of land would help a lot in poverty alleviation of the area. For ages the local people lived from the fishing activities of nearby Luapula River and lagoons. The farming activities are done in traditional way using ‘chitemene’ system. The Catholic Don Bosco Mission through setting up the Agriculture College and various reach out programs has been encouraging fishermen to become also farmers. The hardest work is always changing the mentality of the people. The easy and quick gain after selling fish or mostly cassava and maize makes people to spend the money in equally easy and quick manner.

Alcohol would be the first commodity a common Lufubu-dweller may think of… Another challenge of Lufubu is lack of role models. The children have very few elders to follow who are in regular marriage contracts, who know how to write and read and are sober. In towns there are girls in their twenties [not married or with children] while in Lufubu we have women already at the age of thirteen [already with children]. The early pregnancies, giri-giri and ‘mpeleniko’ [give-me] are a common feature among villagers, while ‘education’ is only for those in town; these are the main challenges the Salesian Community tries to address through the Laura Vicuna School for girls and primary school children. For the running of this program the socalled ‘local volunteers’ are invited. The idea is that they become role models for the local children and youths. Children in Lufubu need to see that there is ‘a-different-Zambia’ where youngsters are well educated and demonstrate good morals as well as their faith in God, and only the best are welcome to Lufubu.

Thanks to the Volunteers from Belgium (Jeugddienst Don Bosco) a ‘study hall’ has been constructed and already the first tuitions are taking place. The brave volunteers at present are Leah Mutabiko from Kabwe and Dominic Mufwinda from Lusaka. From January 2011 we shall need new volunteers to take this challenge of helping the young people from Lufubu to love education, virginity and to be God-fearing and honest citizens of Zambia.


Contact us on 0979567852.

L A kid enjoying safe drinking water NEW CHALLENGES By Fr Czeslaw Lenczuk SDB Don Bosco Chingola has Done it Again The Road Ahead – Makwa Retreat Kabwe Community Celebrates the Feast of Blessed Artemides Zatti together with the Salesian Cooperators Celebrating the Annual Community Day November the Salesian family in Moshi celebrated the community day in style. The most interesting event was Chingola (Zambia) 20/11/2011.- Don Bosco Oratory when different groups were showing appreciation to the Chingola witnessed the opening and blessing of three vice rector Fr. Bruno who took the place of the rector, Fr.

rooms namely: The computer Lab, the Tv/ Conference Vincent Tembo, who was absent because he went for a Room and the Oratory Director’s Office. The Ceremony seminar in Nairobi. The item by the brothers from Sri took place on a sunny Thursday afternoon and it was Lanka was a masterpiece.

graced by the presence of Miss Beata a consul from the Polish Embassy in South Africa, who came all the w a y f r o m Hwange (Zimbabwe) 16/11/11.- The youth group of P r e t o r i a t o Holy Family parish in Hwange diocese of Zimbabwe witness such a went to St John’s Mission in Makwa for the prayer outing.

favourable event. The 25 youths had time to reflect on the theme “the road Along with her ahead” which translated into looking at one’s past life and was Fr Leszek the future. The retreat held from 11th to 13th of A k s ami t t h e November was facilitated by Fr. Eustace Siame, Br John Director of the (salesians), Sr. Mercy of the Calvary sisters and the parish ZMB- Provincial Development Office, who performed youth advisor Mrs. Kamocha. Makwa is a residential area the blessing rites in line with his priestly ministry while where St John mission is found; this is located near the Miss Beata did the opening, with the help of Frs Slawek, Zambezi River, about 40 km from Hwange town.

Wojtek , Kim and the oratory matron Mrs Theresa Mulenga.

The day was groomed with a traditional dance , Karate exposition and some Brass Band performances. This was the way the youth of Chingola decided to say “thank you” to the Polish Embassy for their donation of the new computers. The ceremony ended with some speeches given by the Rector, Oratory Director and the youth representative. Chingola Oratory will now have computer lessons offered to those most in need.

“Chingola is and will always be an anticipated heaven on earth for the young” (Quoted from the speech of the Secretary of the Oratory- Lupande Kaoma).

Moshi (Tanzania) 19/11/2011.- This year the Salesian community of Moshi picked the theme ‘community called to love and care,’ On the 18th and 19th of Kabwe (Zambia) 14/11/2011. -Kabwe Community Since the Feast of Blessed Artemides Zatti fell on Sunday we celebrated our Patron’s Feast on the following day that is, Monday. We began our celebration with the Mass together with Salesian Co-operators, those who made their promises already and after that had a light moment together.

It is good to remember what Artemide used to say about the Eucharist: “Without Eucharist, what’s left?” ZMB Salesian Newslink 13 S W Salesian W d orl Fr. Andrew Zdzieborski and Salesian Co-operators at Mass Fr Bruno Zamberlan is greeted as King of Moshi Kingdom Farewell Party at Nkrumah University College Evangelization Workshop Picnic at Ibis Garden Educational Visit of HCM Students to Livingstonia Beach Don Bosco Technical College: 11th Graduation Ceremony Masina and Linda Zapita, the 38 students gladly thanked the school and their teachers for arranging such an Kabwe (Zambia) 12/11/2011 . - Nkrumah (Kabwe) For educative and thrilling trip which left them with a lot of the past four years our community has been involved in desires, motivation and encouragement to become best the Apostolate in Nkrumah University College. At the hoteliers after their studies at Don Bosco College.

end of each year there is a farewell party for the students Students had the chance to visit all hotel departments.

finishing their studies. This year it was the third year Christopher Chipa one of the students acknowledged his Diploma Students. It was a good opportunity to thank transformation from a lay man to an optimistic future God for all the years spent together in Nkrumah and pray hotelier. He further said besides the wonderful for those leaving this Higher Learning Institution. experience he had he also had time to relax after studying heavily as they are now preparing for the exam they are about to write in December.

After their exam in the first week of December, these students are expected to go for industrial experience to different Hotels and Lodges for about six months to give them wider experience in the Hotel Industry.

Chisamba-Kabwe (Zambia) 5/11/2011. – Ibis Garden - Chisamba.- DBYC Oratory members, especially those most active went to Ibis Garden for a picnic. Many of them participated well in the life of the Oratory and deserved to have some fun in a nice place like Ibis Garden. Playing in the swimming pool was really great and all were happy to have such opportunities at the youth centre.

Kabwe (Zambia) 11/11/2011 – Don Bosco Youth Centre (Kabwe). 20 young people from the Don Bosco Oratory attended an Evangelization Workshop conducted by Formation Team of St. Mary’sParish. The main purpose of the workshop was to help youngsters from the oratory become more familiar with the aspects of the new Missal which is being introduced in the English Speaking world. Salesian Co-operators were helping with cooking and salesian assistance. Indeed it is the Salesian Family at work.

Lilongwe (Malawi) 11/10/2011.- Don Bosco Youth technical Institute has the heart for the students in all aspects of possible educational enrichment. It was on 11th November 2011 when Hotel and Catering Lilongwe (Malawi) 4/11/2011.- More than 1,000 people Management students were taken to one of the best Sun were on hand to witness the Don Bosco Technical Bird Hotels in Malawi called Livingstonia Beach in College 11th graduation ceremony in Lilongwe - Malawi.

Salima. The main aim of this visit was to widen the The ceremony included 8 candidates for the Diploma in students’ knowledge in their field of Hotel Industry Accountancy, 16 for Diploma in Catering and Hotel practically after having theoretical knowledge in class Management, 11 for Diploma in Fashion Art and Beauty with their teachers. and 23 for Technician Diploma in Information Guided by their three teachers, Winston Mphonde, Alick Technology and the total was 58. The students 14 ZMB Salesian Newslink S W Salesian W d orl Oratorians during some of the moments of sharing Oratorians swimming & spending good time together representative Boniface Zulu appreciated Don Bosco taken place due to the many blessings our benefactress, College staff and teachers, parents, guardians and Mother Mary has showered on us. Just to mention a few: sponsors on behalf of his fellow students for the guidance the Salesians and youth in Chingola have witnessed the and education given to them which has given them birth and reformation of the oratory both in its physical confidence to face the challenges of the world. In his maintenance and it’s incoming vibrant new members.

capacity as the Principal, Fr. Michael, expressed his This has really coincided with the famous Salesian gratitude for the 58 students that graduated and assured Mantra “Our lady brings” and “Our Lady gives”.

all present that he has confidence in the just graduated As a step to honour our lady of the Rosary , the Oratory students. He further asked the graduates to remain members together with the Salesians and the Pre-novices confident and be ready to face the challenge of the world embarked on a daily practice of saying a decade of the since they will now look into the welfare of their families, Rosary everyday to thank our lady for the many blessings promote others to be better members of the society and she continues to shower on the Oratory. As the month of start making decisions for others. He also told the Guest remembering the departed begins, Our Lady still is the of Honour that Don Bosco is working hand in hand with place to which we are flying for refuge. As we recite when the government to promote young people to become good ending the rosary: ” We Fly to your patronage………….” Christians and honest citizens. really it is worth saying it with joy.

In her speech the Guest of Honor, Honorable Otria Moyo Jere said, “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. Education must therefore be a lifelong pursuit.” Chingola (Zambia) 24/10/11.- Don Bosco Basketball team, under the umbrella of the Oratory administration, organized a basketball Ball tournament to mark Zambia’s Independence Day. Five basketball teams including Don Bosco Basketball team participated namely: Zamim, Chingola 2/11/2011.- Thirteen staff members and three Chikola, Chambishi and Lulamba. The day began with members of the Salesian Community (Fr. Mariusz, Br. the national anthem and an Independence reflection talk David and Mr. Able Chanda) went along side which was given by Br. David Yamikani Njolo. He Chilabombwe turn-off to a place called Footprints to centred his talk on the twofold aspects of independence commemorate the two important days in the month of which are physical and spiritual. He emphasized that November; All Saints and All Souls. when commemorating our Independence, we as Africans The Picnic hosted a variety activities such as usually focus on the physical liberation and leave out the Departmental quizzes which were mainly asked by heads basic source which is the spiritual. Br. David encouraged of departments to the staff members present; several all the gathered youths to remember also their spiritual games such as pool, volleyball, football and a lot of party liberation as they celebrate this day.

games were played in the course of the day. Commenting on the initiative, the deputy representative of the staff members, Mr Mbao, thanked the Principal, Fr. Mariusz and the Salesians for hosting such a splendid get-together in trying to be at one with the deceased and those blessed Makululu-Kabwe (Zambia) 24/10/2011.- Young with holiness. He pinpointed that such events prefigure people of Don Bosco Oratory in Makululu celebrated how the Salesians cherish their collaborators in ministry.

In addition to that, he promised on behalf of all those present that Youth pedagogy will continue going on smoothly in the technical school. The picnic ended at 18.12 hrs exactly with a closing remark given by Mr Mbao.

Chingola (Zambia) 31/10/11.- The month of October has been a month of Blessings for the Oratory and Chingola Youth Centre. In this month many changes have Don Bosco Independence Basketball Tournament Technical School Staff Members Celebrate All Saints and All Souls Independence Celebration in Makululu The Month of OurLady closes with blessings S W Salesian W d orl ZMB Salesian Newslink 15 Independence Day sharing their numerous talents. Their stage was just a piece of ground under the tree. They are not discouraged by lack of buildings and enjoy what they have. It would be good to have something better for them in the future. Let’s pray about it.

Kabwe (Zambia) 23/10/2011 – St. Mary’s (Kabwe) This year the Sacrament of Confirmation was received by 214 candidates. Our Catechists did a good work with the help of other volunteers from outstations. Indeed it was a joyful moment for the Parish. The sacrament was administered by Rev. Fr. Oliver Mukunta, Vicar general of the Archdiocese of Lusaka.

Kabwe (Zambia) 19/10/2011.- DBYC (Kabwe). Don Bosco Youth Center is open to many young people of Kabwe. Some days during the week, the girls from Stephen Luwishya High School are having their sport classes since their facilities are not enough. As you can see they can even play soccer.

Kabwe (Zambia) 17/10/ 2011 - DBYC (Kabwe).- It’s a new initiative in our Oratory. Dissemination of information is very important if we want to be heard and to be more effective. The members of this recently created club are very eager to make it work, starting by collecting information of important events in the life of the oratory, the parish and also of the nation.

Let’s put them in our prayers as we look forward to hear more about life in Kabwe.

Provincial Community Day 2011 Confirmations 2011 Youth Centeropen to all young people Press Club in the Oratory Lusaka (Zambia) 18/10/2011.- Provincial Community Day: Salesians from most communities of ZMB Vice- Province gathered at the Novitiate Community in Makeni to celebrate the Provincial Community Day around Fr George Chalissery, Provincial of ZMB. The event was crowned by the presence of Br Frantisek Radecki and Fr Waldemar Molenda who are celebrating their silver jubilee of religious profession. During the eucharistic celebration Fr. George thanked God for the gift of life and commitment of all confreres of the province. He spent a few minutes recalling each confrere by their names, those present and those far away in Europe, America, Middle East and around Africa. The liturgical animation was in the hands of the novices who sang the “Mass of Creation” to the edification of those present. After the eucharistic celebration all who were present enjoyed some refreshments and party games prepared by the novices. In the afternoon all moved to the provincial house at Chawama for the rest of the celebrations that began with lunch. Concluding the celebrations, Fr George thanked all participants for their presence in this important provincial celebration, and expressed his wish that all continue working in the province with renewed zeal and enthusiasm.

S W Salesian W d orl 16 ZMB Salesian Newslink Fr Mukunta, Vicar General while presiding over the Eucharist Girls Soccer Fr George Chalissery presiding over the eucharist ZMB 17 “DA MIHI ANIMAS, COETERA TOLLE” Translated: Give me souls [people] and the away the rest. Gen 14,21 St John Bosco (1815-1888) made of this quote from Genesis the programme of his apostolic work on behalf of youth.

Salesian friend once told me this: “One of our young confreres approached me requesting an amount of money which would cover his travelling expenses. I decided to give him a bit more than double of what he requested, thinking of any possible emergency. Counting the money received, the young confrere said, ‘you have given me more than I need’; I added, ‘it is for your way back and/or any emergency’. The young man, smiled and taking the money and said, ‘my family will help me cover the way back’.

before leaving for holidays Rector, here is the balance of the money you gave me, and what my family gave me to help our community meet some of the expenses’. After that, smiling he went to his room to unpack and get ready for the evening community activities.

On his return, he gave me back the money I gave him for his return ticket, plus some extra cash, saying, ‘Fr “MAKE YOURSELF HUMBLE, STRONG AND ENERGETIC” In John Bosco’s dream at the age of 9, a Lady told him to acquire this virtues to be able to work in the field Divine Providence was preparing for him.

Good Practices “HE WHO HAS NO VISION OF ETERNITY, WILL NEVER GET A TRUE HOLD OF TIME” Thomas Carlyle speaking of the wisdom of living life consciously “AN HOUR OF JUSTICE IS WORTH A HUNDRED OF PRAYER” Arab Proverb Novena A man walked up to a Franciscan and a Jesuit and asked, "How many novenas must you say to get a Mercedes Benz?" The Franciscan asked, "What's a Mercedes Benz?" The Jesuit asked, "What's a novena?" Jokes Locked in National Exams – NFC The New Intake of Pre-Novices have their first outing homily Fr. Pre-novice Director emphasized the need for integrity in Hwange (Zimbabwe) 10/10/11.- Don one’s process of formation. The need Bosco Technical College like any other for the one undergoing formation to technical college in Zimbabwe is this take a risk by unveiling his genuine and October locked-up in the National authentic personality so as, to really Examinations for National Foundation authentically be accompanied.

Certificate (NFC). After the holy celebration lunch Our students are being examined in the followed and a walk around the dam following courses: information which was guided by Mukuka our Past technology; industrial clothing design pupil and Oratorian who accompanied and construction; human resource us. Then, came the swimming time management; secretarial studies; which was synthesized by a water- ball brickhand block laying; marketing; game. After which rosary was said and and beauty therapy. then there was a glorious sharing of We wish our students the best of their experiences by all those present. What acquired competencies. was common about these sharings was the mysteriousness of each ones vocational story.

After supper which was just after the sunset a talent show took shape around the fire where all the ten Pre-novices Chingola (Zambia) 25/09/11.- ( Fitula joyfully exercised their hidden talents.

Dam) The new intake of Pre-novices At this very event Mr Pre-novitiate with the “golden number” of ten had 2011 was chosen by the four judges (Fr.

their first outing last Sunday. The Slawek, Br. Martin, Br. David & Mr.

outing took place at Fitula Dam some Mukuka).

15-25 Km from the Don Bosco Youth Ian Chapotera scooped the crown of Centre. The main purpose for the Mr. Pre-novitiate 2011 while his venture was to foster a relation journey running mates Ignatius Mufimba and among the Pre-novices themselves Josephat Maleli ended up by being 1st since they come from different and 2nd Princes. Just right after this an countries and needed some special ending session of night prayer with time together to foster this family intercessions of thanksgiving took spirit. place to end the day. All in all we would Upon arrival at Fitula Dam, mass was like to thank everone for their presided by Fr. Slawek Bartodziej (The participation and organization of such a Rector & Pre-novice master). In his magnificent outing. May many activities of such a caliber follow!

Salesian Newslink A Don Bosco’s visit to ZMB ZAMBIA ZIMBABWE MALAWI DON BOSCO 1815 - 1888 Father and Teacher of Youth Don Bosco’s Urn will arrive from Johannesburg South Africa on 16 July.

Harare will be the first community that will receive Don Bosco, followed immediately by Hwange. From Zimbabwe Don Bosco’s urn will travel to Zambia, visiting Lusaka, Chingola, Lufubu and Kabwe; from Kabwe the Don Bosco will visit Lilongwe and from there the urn will travel to Angola.

16 -31 March 2012 In 1988, during the centenary celebrations of his death, St John Bosco was proclaimed “Father and Teacher of Youth” by Pope John Paul II in the Apostolic Exhortation “JUVENUM PATRIS”.

In view of the Bicentenary celebration of the birth of St John Bosco in 2015, the urn that contains the relics of Don Bosco is journeying around the world with the purpose of preparing spiritualy all Salesians and the Salesian Family to this big event.

The visit of Don Bosco to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi will become a landmark in the history of ZMB. Let’s all get renewed by Don Bosco’s presence in our communities and in our province.

18 ZMB Salesian Newslink is construed as a shopping time, a time when shops open till late. A time when both kids and suppose many of us if not all have heard adults expect new and fancy out-fits. Our shops of the saying; “All roads lead to Rome.” shine more than ever; they have shiny This to me indicates that there is a variety decorations, colored lights, music filled with of roads with different textures leading to Rome. traditional Christmas carols, and in countries Some roads are often used, while some roads are exposed to Christmas with snow in the absence of less travelled. Again some roads are very much it they paint artificial snow on the shops’ adventurous while others are ‘good for windows.

nothing’, have no esthetical sense. In the corporate culture; every worker looks Nevertheless, they all lead to the same destiny forward to Christmas with hope that he/she will “ROME”. I should not be so myopic as to the get a holiday, some bonus or even a party with feelings and thoughts of the general public. fellow workers. With Christmas time the Some are asking, ‘why to Rome’ but for a appraisal of stuff is expected.

fervent Catholic the response to such a question Young people look to Christmas as the crest of is, ‘why not Rome?’ Rome is indeed the their fun. Youths from our youth centres and pinnacle for Catholic Church in the world. parishes/schools are looking forward to some sort Wait a minute, are we drifting away from the of Christmas fiesta, outing or rally. Why? I bone of contention? Certainly that is not the case strongly think that the underlining principle is here. I was just laying the foundation from mere attainment of maximum fun for the year.

which we can infer that now all roads lead to However, my question is what is Christmas for Christmas. Contrary to “all roads lead to the sick, the poorest of the poor, the prisoners and Rome”, is that Christmas is awaited and others in catastrophic situations? Perhaps it is a celebrated by both those who profess road with less fun but hope of a better tomorrow.

Christianity and those who do not. Celebration We need to pause a while in order to reflect on of Christmas on 25th December seems to be the these many roads to Christmas; do they help us highest point of the year. And one can tell the comprehend the meaning and demands of our intensity of its manipulation on people as early destiny? Like it or not the ‘nouema’ points to the as October. The month of November clearly shows visible and intriguing signs of Christmas in our localities.

I am convinced that Christ would like to see our Christian works shine each Christmas time but reality shows that it is a time for all our shops, pubs, restaurants and gates to shine. Christmas AAllll rrooaaddss lleeaadd ttoo I CHRISTMAS By Clement Mutamba SDB ZMB Salesian Newslink 19 All Roads lead to CHRISTMAS...

‘nouesis’, that is, the shadow leads to its source - people want to have a party. God hates and rejects the meaning and respect given to the road points any festival that denies him centrality. The to what the destiny deserves. The questions we person of Christ is the object of the celebration.

need to tackle are; what is the reason for With Christ in our midst we know that all we seek Christmas? Has the reason been the same all from the Father is in Him. Remember the words through the history of this world? Does God hate of scripture; “To have seen me is to have seen the Christmas? Does God condemn the Christmas father”. He brings a language that can unite the festival? entire universe, a language that transcends race, tribe, nationality, gender, physical appearance Regarding Christmas the difficulty is that the etc. and that is the language of Love. Do we practice of celebrating it can’t be traced from celebrate because we are filled with that early Christians. No verse in the bible speaks of language, or it is because of the prompting of the the apostles or the early Christian community empty space within us that we seek to fill with celebrating Christmas but we are told of anything whatsoever?

Pentecostal celebrations for instance. To elongate our misconceptions about Christmas is The one whose motive for celebrating is because the fact that no saint or holy person in scripture or of being filled with that language of love, will history is recorded to have kept a feast or held a relish serenity, peace and enjoy interpersonal great banquet on his birthday. It is only sinners relationships. On the contrary, the many who (Pharaoh and Herod) who make great rejoicing celebrate Christmas in order to fill that empty over the day on which their existence into this space with mere fun or hedonistic pleasures world was manifested. Perhaps this justifies why experiences a lot of worries, loneliness, stress; certain religious groups don’t celebrate and to many, Christmas becomes the deadliest birthdays. time. A time filled with frustrations and debts; and to some it becomes a time of experiencing Anyway, apart from such an opinion, the assaults or suicide.

question to ask is; is Christmas void? Do we need not celebrate Christmas? The fact that the Again one cannot but ask, what do we look for?

Christmas date and its celebration is not Why Christmas and not anything else? The mentioned in the Bible does not nullify the act of counter argument is; why not Christmas?

observing and celebrating it. It is our Christian Celebration is a good thing in human life, it is right to keep Christmas. For us Catholics, we even better if celebrated in peace and with a believe that our faith is not founded on sola happy mind than attending it with an angry scriputura rather we incorporate the sacred disposition. Nevertheless, it is best when the traditions into it. person of Christ who unfolds the Godliness to us is the reason for celebrating, only then do we go The many issues surrounding Christmas, like any back feeling happiest, compassionate and other birthday, is that the celebrants are not generous in giving meaningful and long lasting interested in what the party is related to. We gifts to fellow mortals. I think as we celebrate this rather enjoy the pomp around the party than the Christmas let us do it with happy dispositions and basic reason for coming together. We love to look for gifts that are deeper and life-giving than enjoy the birthday celebration rather than just a glass of wine, or Champaign, chocolate, celebrating the person born. In regard to phone calls, nice meals, cards, or an outing etc.

Christmas, “Jesus is the reason for the season”, but in practice the reason appears to be that Merry Christmas!!!

20 ZMB Salesian Newslink Most recent PDO Seminar 2011 helping to realize the Salesian Mission.

took place 6 years after the first The Seminar was animated by Br. Jean Paul Muller, international PDO seminar (Rome, Economer General, and Fr. Václav Klement, 30 March – 2 April 2005) which Councilor for the Missions. Some 10 different gave the impetus to the Salesian Salesian agencies (Mission Offices, NGOs, Don provinces to start or develop the Bosco Network) involved in missions/development ‘Planning Development Offices’at the service of the work enriched the Seminar with their 20 year-long Salesian mission. experience of ‘PDO’capacity building.

Some ninety Salesians and Lay Mission Partners The topic of the Seminar, ‘Planning and gathered at the Provincial House of India – Development Office at the service of the Salesian Hyderabad province for five full days, November 6- Charism in the Province’ is a clear expression of the 10, 2011, coming from all five continents. The past 6 year-long process. Within the larger context participants represented the PDOs of five Salesian of Salesian missionary solidarity some 50 Salesian Regions (10 provinces of Africa-Madagascar, 2 provinces worldwide were involved in the provinces of the America-Southern Corner, 7 preparation during the past 12 months, replying to provinces of Interamerica, 5 provinces of East Asia- two surveys and contributing with sharing of their Oceania and 11 provinces of the South Asia region), good practices. From the beginning three General representing some 62 countries where the PDOs are Councilors (Youth Ministry, Missions and The Way FORWARD Road map 2015 M ZMB Salesian Newslink 21 Economer) were involved in the whole process. universal declaration of human rights, as well Abundant materials of this process are available at the as by the needs of the local Church and of the AGORAof the Salesian Congregation on the website young people. c. The PDO serves the youth, especially those in need, helping to realize the gradual and far-reaching Affirming the opportunities that have emerged in the process of making them good Christians and past six years since the PDO was introduced to the honest citizens. It also serves the youth Salesian provinces, we, nonetheless recognize the movements, Salesian communities, Salesian need to re-state the essentials of what it is to be a PDO. F a m i l y , l o c a l C h u r c h , l o c a l These basics point to us significant areas that a PDO territory/community especially building up has to solidly anchor itself on and give us our their empowerment for self-determination in common ground notwithstanding the different their respective realms of development.

realities of each Salesian province. In the years d. The PDO assists in the process of the drafting, leading up to 2015, we draw the broad yet focused, elaborating, implementing and evaluating of the universal yet local path of the PDO, as a fitting gift the Overall Provincial Plan (OPP) and the to the bi-centenary of the birth of Don Bosco. Salesian Educative Pastoral Plan (SEPP) ensuring its sustainability. It undertakes Some of the essentials of PDO – Road Map 2015: research in the field of children and youth to continuously make relevant the plans and a. The PDO is an entity, juridical or otherwise, programs of the province.

instituted and owned by the Salesian Provincial e. The PDO assists in the capacity-building of its Commu n i t y (C. 4 4 , C. 5 8 S a l e s i a n target groups enabling them to be deeply and Constitutions), fully at the service of the proactively attuned to social justice, thus, Salesian charism in the province. It participates becoming main players of development.

in the restructuring, re-shaping and re- f. The PDO meaningfully and proactively intervenes dimensioning of the Salesian works. It serves in socio-civic realities and influences local and as a link, a bridge, between the consecrated national policies on education, children and Salesians and civil society in the work of youth, especially the poor.

promot ing youth deve lopment and empowerment, justice, and holistic human The members of the meeting clearly affirm that the development. It is recognized in the province’s PDO can only exist in a significant and fruitful way Directory with due approval of the Provincial when the Provincial and his Council facilitates its Chapter. healthy integration into the life of the province. We b. The PDO, in its work of helping to realize the two- reiterate that beyond the idea of a PDO as a structure, fold Salesian mission of education and we have recognized that it can also be, not so much an evangelization is guided by gospel values, with office of individuals that develop services, but rather a Emmaus mentality, the social teaching of the a way of thinking and relating - that Salesians must Catholic Church, the Salesian preventive start to apply in every activity of the provincial and system, the Salesian Constitutions, the local communities.

What can I give to the Salesian Family this time around? In my post-operation status, I would like to acknowledge my indebtedness for the love, care, prayers and support given me by YOU. I felt these while on my sick bed and after I left the sick bed. People I have known and those I have not known shared my sufferings. Thanks a lot to Fr. George-Provincial, Fr. Leszek and the community of Chawama for your closeness to me. I would be very unjust if I fail to commend the Novices for their charitable act of donating to me 3 units of blood. I am also humbled with the unimaginable affection received from the Bauleni Community; I cherish the care from the cooperators both senior and junior of the above mentioned Community. Thanks, to Sr. Sarah and the Mutamba family. I know the Salesian Family is broad hence making it impossible to mention all individually. Thanks indeed to you all people of good will!

And let us let God be God!

A Word of Thanks PDO - Road Map 2015 22 ZMB Salesian Newslink Vocations to the Salesian Life the salesian NOVICES Hi, I am Faith Musabila, age 24, first born in a family of 4. I am from Kabwe. I was born and brought up in Kitwe by late Daniel Musabila and Agnes Mlaponi. I am Bemba from Kasama. I completed my secondary education in 2004 after which I wanted to study Automechanics.

I fell God’s call to the priesthood when I was 15 but my family would not allow me to do so.

When I first met the salesians in 2009 a deep desire and love to radically follow Christ, ministering to the young people grew in me; and thus I joined the Salesians and wish not just to be a Salesian but a good Salesian.

Reading without reflection is like eating without digesting; therefore, this is Flavius Chikadzu, born on 8 October 1987, in a family of five (one girl and four boys). I am the second born but first on the boys’ side.

Baptised and confirmed in the Catholic Church, originally from Kasina parish, Diocese of Dedza, Central region, 100% Malawian. I am grateful to God for making me a product of Dzenza Ed.

School and Mtendere School. I pray for God’s love and graces. Amen! With Don Bosco’s smile to the youngsters I say, ‘Mulibwanji’, ‘Mulishani’.

Hi, I am Luciano Douglas and I come from Malawi in Balaka District. I am the third born in a family of five. I joined the Salesian community in 2009 and right now I am in the novitiate at Makeni in Lusaka. I am very grateful to the Salesians to accepting me. I am free and happy with the salesians because I love Don Bosco’s zealous spirit and I would like to devote all my life to the salvation of poor and vulnerable young people.

My name is Nhlanhla S. Mazibuko, I was born in Siteki, Lubombo Region in Swaziland. I grew up under the care of the Servites (OSM), a religious order and they are the ones who helped me discover God’s call to following Christ. In 2006 I met the Salesians of Don Bosco, and having read about the life of Don Bosco and seen their works in Swaziland; I felt called to the Salesian way of life of serving poor young people. The more I get to know Don Bosco, the more I fall in love with him.

Boniface Mbowo. Born on 27 September 1987 in Mazabuka. I’m the second born in a family of eight. I completed my secondary education at St. Edmund’s Secondary School in 2006. I started my journey as aspirant to the Salesian Congregation in 2010. This year I’m doing my novitiate at Makeni Community in Lusaka.

What I like about the Salesians is their charism. I feel that God is calling me to be at the service of the young through the talents and gifts he gave me.

My name is Diwani Ncube and I am 22 years old. I come from a family of 7 (5 girls and 2 boys) and I am the fifth born. I did my education at Tsholotsho High School. Currently I am a novice in the Society of Saint Francis de Sales. My wish is that one day I might be able to answer to this question: What does it mean to be a Salesian? and I say this: ‘I was not born Salesian but some day I will be a proper one”. I come from St Ignatius Cathedral in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

My name is Don Nyika from Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia. I was born in September 1989. I am the second born and only boy my the family of four. I did my primary school at Mukonchi primary school, junior secondary at St. Paul’s and my senior secondary elsewhere. I was inspired to join the Salesians because of the lifestyle of Don Bosco and his predilection for the young people, especially the poor and abandoned ones.

I am Moses Chama Chilambe, age 21, first born in a family of 8. I am from Mansa and I did my secondary education at Mansa High School. I joined the Salesian Community of Mansa for my experience of aspirantate and then Chingola for my Pre-novitiate. The Salesian Charism of dedicating one’s life to Jesus Christ for the salvation of the young people inspired me to grow in the desire of joining the Salesian Congregation.

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13 ZMB PHOTO - Issue No 20
1 - 2 Kigali: Fr George Chalissery & Fr Antonio the celebrations of the community day. Barrientos during a visit to the Salesian post- 8. Lufubu: Graduation Ceremony for the Students novitiate of AGL Province as part of the of the Craft Certificate. CIVAM meeting. 9. Kasisi: Confreres attending the second annual
3. Nairobi: Fr Ignatius Musenge while attending retreat visit the cemetery where some ZMB the Congress on Salesian History. confreres are buried.
4. Makeni: Mass presided by Fr George Chalissery 10. Rundu: Fr John Bosco Mulenga surrounded by on the Provincial Community Day, some enthusiastic and joyful youngsters celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Religious during the afternoon activities. profession of Br Frantisek Radecki & Fr 11. Hwange: Fr Tresphord Chota during the Waldemar Molenda.. moment of catechesis at the youth centre.
5. Madrid: Fr Musenge processing for mass 12. Chingola: Fr Slawomir Bartodziej with the during the celebrations of the WYD 2011. students of the Technical school at the end of
6. Kasisi: Fr Michael Smyth, former provincial of the daily activities for a moment of prayer. Ireland who preached the second annual 13. Rundu: Fr Henryk Juszczyk leads a moment of retreat. prayer with the youngsters from the parish
7. Moshi: Fr Bruno being honoured as king during preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation.