EAO Good Night Talk September 1, 2015

EAO Good Night Talk (18)                                                                  
September 1, 2015  

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Time of harvesting … with the young!

Dear friends and confreres!

     Few days ago in most of our communities, delegations and provinces each of us participated in different celebrations of the 200th Birthday of Don Bosco. We are really very grateful to the numerous Salesians and Don Bosco Salesian Family members who shared those moments through the AustraLasia news ( From Turin and Becchi, through Anisakan, Auckland, Banpong, Cebu, Darkhan, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Min City,   Manila, Melbourne, Seoul up to Apia in Samoa we gave thanks and enjoyed a deep joy of one family around the Father and Founder. Now, the celebrations are (almost) over. And we can ask – what will be the next step, the day after these large celebrations?

Fr. Ángel sent the Salesians SDB his 2015 letter - ‘Five fruits of the Bicentenary’ (Acts of the General Council n. 421). I would like to suggest - take those five simple and deep dreams and share them with the young people around us! You would know how much the presence of young missionary volunteer changes the sensitivity of a  religious community (SDB, FMA or other groups) if they pray, eat, work and share together with us during whole year. I feel the Strenna 2015 ‘Like Don Bosco, for the Young and with the Young’ – left us with the challenge to live, pray, plan and work with the young!

First dream of the Rector Major is about Happy Salesians. It makes stronger the China province Salesian Cooperators ‘Happy Vocation Movement’ launched already last year, ten month ahead of these five dreams of Fr. Ángel! It helps us keep on track with the ‘Joy of the Gospel’ of Pope Francis. What will happen if we allow and encourage the youth around us to ask: ‘Dear Father, Brother, Sister, Teacher… what makes you truly happy and joyful’?  If we try to open our life to the youth in this way we might find the deepest joy of Don Bosco.

Let’s allow the young people to enter more our daily life: listen to them with passion and bring their needs, doubts into our community prayer or invite some of our animators or youth leaders to community meals, prayers or sharing. If we try to open our life to the youth, it helps us to discover God in their lives and believe more in their important role in the Salesian mission. Living more with the young will help us to become more authentic Salesians – like Don Bosco, who dreamt about the sheep being transformed into the shepherds!

In Saint John Bosco

Fr. Václav Klement, SDB
Regional Councilor EAO 2014-2020