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SPCSA, Specific Formation Salesian Brothers, Prot. 150240, 2015 Jul 11 (en)

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Don Ivo Coelho, SDB
Consigliere Generale per la Formazione –

South Asia Region

Prot. no. 15/0240
11 July 2015

Sub: Specific formation of Salesian Brothers in the SPCSA Region

Dear Fr. Provincial,

I am writing to you about the important question of the specific formation of our Salesian Brothers in India which, as you know, is required by our Constitutions (see R 98: “in the phase which completes their initial formation following the practical training, lay Salesians must be afforded the possibility of acquiring a serious theological, Salesian and pedagogical preparation suited to their cultural level”) and is by no means something optional.

As you well know, given the small number of Brothers eligible / available each year in India for specific formation, Sacred Heart Theological College and Mathias Institute, Shillong, which have been generously offering this service, has been able to hold the course only once in two or three years. On the other hand, the specific formation course at Paranaque (FIN) has been functioning very well, with a community of about 10 Brothers from the different countries of the East Asia region (Myanmar, East Timor, Vietnam, the Philippines) accompanied a formation team of 3 confreres, besides the professors of the academic centre.

After our discussions of this matter at the SPCSA meeting at Hyderabad in February 2015, I put the matter before the Rector Major, and we came to the conclusion that it would be best, for the time being, to send our Brothers in India for their specific formation to the Blessed Stephen Sandor community, Paranaque. As and when the numbers make it possible, we hope it will be possible to revive the Shillong course.

I ask you, therefore, starting from the academic year 2016, to send all your Salesian Brothers to Paranaque as and when they finish their practical training. In case of difficulties in particular cases, please write to me.

You would need, of course, to prepare the Brothers well and to motivate them for the course, and to begin travel preparations well in advance. Please get in touch with Fr Arnold Sanico, Rector ( for registration and other details.  

Thank you, dear Fr Provincial, for your understanding and cooperation.

Sincerely in don Bosco,

Ivo Coelho, SDB
Councillor for Formation

Attached: Sandor Community Handbook