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Mission Appeal to the EAO Region Salesians 29-11-2017

2017.11.25 16:29
Mission Appeal for Refugee Emergency in Uganda


Mission Appeal to the EAO Region Salesians

By Fr. Guillermo Basanes, SDB
General Councilor for the Missions

RMG, 24 November 2017 -- Dear Provincials and confreres of the East Asia and Oceania Region,

Greetings from Sacro Cuore!

With Rector Major at the last Africa Provincial Conference (CIVAM) meeting in Rome, we have launched a missionary call to strengthen, or practically to start, our Salesian presence among the South Sudanese refugees in North of Uganda.

Indeed after eruption the new civil war in South Sudan, there are not less than 1.400.000 Refugees living in Uganda.

In the attached power point presentation (slides), you have some basic information about the social situation. At present only Fr. Lazar Arasu, from the Gulu community (AGL Vice-province of Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda), is already the only official chaplain for this purpose, but unfortunately is working alone.

Indeed from the African provinces is very hard to find now some possible candidates available. Hope to find some candidate among the 1400 Salesians of the East Asia - Oceania Region:

  • one or two perpetually professed Salesian confrères,
  • who are fit for this mission among the refugees from South Sudan in Uganda
  • who have passion for the poor, physical strength, creativity and team-work mentality
  • who are ready for a temporary (renewable) transfer of 3 years,
  • who are available before the 31st January 2018...

At present the Visa procedure for entry to Uganda is quite simple for all nationalities, the AGL (Africa Great Lakes) Vice province is very happy to welcome any good hearted Salesian from the EAO Region!

For any further information or details you can contact your Regional Councilor or directly the Councilor for the Missions!

In Don Bosco Missionary

Fr. Guillermo Basanes