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Bosconian june 2014

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D O N B O S C O T E C H N I C A L I N S T I T U T E , H E N D E R S O N 2 0 1 4 T E R M 2
newsletter It is enough for
me to know that
you are
to love you
so much.
St. Don Bosco
Dear Parents/Guardians, Bosconians, Friends and well6
The 2nd term has been memorable for the variety of
ac?vi?es, par?cularly for the Spiritual experiences, at
DBTI. As I had pointed out in the
first issue of the Bosconian, this
year we are invited “to draw
upon the spiritual experience of
Don Bosco” in our prepara?on
for the bi6centennary of Don
Bosco’s birth. We at DBTI have
tried to live the spiritual
experience of Don Bosco and
make it part of our life, and
express it in our love and concern
for others. Let me highlight a few of them:
The second term began with the Holy Week and Easter6
with the Easter Season extending 6 more weeks ?ll
Pentecost. These were the most important weeks in the
Church calendar. Class Retreats were enthusias?cally
par?cipated, allowing the Risen Lord to walk close to
those who spent ?me to encounter His presence.
Congratula?ons to the students and thanks to the
Salesian feasts, par?cularly of St. Dominic Savio (6th
May), St. Mary Mazzarello (13th May) and Mary Help of
Chris?ans (24th May) which we an?cipated to 23rd May,
were celebrated with great enthusiasm. The school
celebrated the novena in prepara?on for the Marian
feast and each class took turns to lead the novena and
honor MHC, and take her home like John the Apostle.
Gi\s to the Flood Vic?ms who were housed at DBTI for 3
weeks:! Thanks to the financial contribu?on of Salesian
Missions—Australia, our students took up the challenge
to prac?ce what they learned. Their social concern was
expressed in their producing useful household items,
even pu_ng in many extra hours. It was amazing that
even our first year students picked up so many skills and
used it profitably for the welfare of many families. For
me, this was truly sharing the spiritual experience of
Don Bosco’s concern for the needy and the poor.
I am happy to welcome Fr. John Cabrido, our new
Spiritual Moderator, and Mr. Vern Healey who will be a
’mentor’ for the Principal and staff. Mr. Tony Blair, APTC
Teacher (Carpentry) has completed his contract and is
leaving DBTI. Our love and gra?tude accompany him.
We look forward to mee?ng the new staff during the 3rd
term and a very fruibul ?me.
I am reproducing for you on this page below the
introduc?on to a booklet that Don Bosco wrote for his
boys It shows the heart of Don Bosco and reminds us of
the purpose of his educa?onal system which he
summarized as “Good Chris?ans and honest ci?zens”.
May we strive ever more to translate the spiritual
experience of Don Bosco at DBTI. May Bosconians prove
themselves true to their God and the country. I wish
the students and the staff a relaxed half yearly
break, reminding you that “an idle
mind is the devil’s workshop”.
Keep busy and cheerful!
With prayerful wishes for God’s
concelebration on
the feastday of MHC
with Fr. Ambrose
Don Bosco
Institute began
on 24th May 2000
with 16 students,
in a small hall
which was
classroom cum
St. Don Bosco
Rector’s Message
My dear boys,
I love you with all my heart and it is enough for me to know you are young for me to love you very much. I
can assure you that you will find suggestions by people far more virtuous and far more learned than myself,
but you will hardly ever find anyone who loves you as much as I do in Christ Jesus and who wants nothing
but your true happiness.
May the Lord be with you and I am sure that by practicing these suggestions you will reach the heights of
sanctity, the salvation of your soul and give glory to God. This is the sole purpose of this booklet.
Be very happy and the Lord be with you.
Most affectionately in Jesus Christ,
Fr. John Bosco
The task of giving education is rooted in the primary vocation of the parents to participate in God's
creative activity: “Since parents have conferred life on their children, they have a most solemn
obligation to educate their offspring. Hence parents must be acknowledged as the first and foremost
educators of their children... Hence, the family is the first school of those social virtues which every
society needs”. This right and duty of parents to give education is essential and it is so basic that it
qualifies the educational role of parents, is parental love, which finds fulfilment in the task of
education as it completes and perfects its service of life... the parents' love is also the animating
principle... inspiring and guiding all concrete educational activity, enriching it with the values of
kindness, constancy, goodness, service, disinterestedness and selfCsacrifice that are the most
precious fruit of love. Parents must trustingly and courageously train their children in the essential
values of human life... a correct attitude of freedom with regard to material goods... a sense of true
justice... respect for the personal dignity of each individual... a sense of true love, understood as...
disinterested service with regard to others, especially the poorest and those in most need.
Principal’s Message2
On 23 May 2014, Friday, DBTI celebrated the
Solemnity of Mary Help of Christians starting
with a Holy Eucharist at 8:00 AM presided by Fr.
Ambrose Pereira, SDB who, until last year, was
DBTI rector. His homily was an interactive
experience enlivened by a PowerPoint
presentation. During his talk, Fr. Ambrose
stressed the 3 C’s which I find really important as
a Bosconian preparing myself for industry. As
Bosconians we were given the choice of which
trade we wanted to do. If we want to achieve our
potential, then each student is called to change
and be better formed and prepared for future
work. Fr. Ambrose reminded all not to)waste this
chance or regret it forever. By this triple
challenge, he exhorted every student realize their
goals. He ended by showing pictures of the
beginning years of DBTI and reminisced on the
18 years he had spent in Solomon Islands, asking
the community to pray for all the benefactors,
teachers and collaborators who had helped to
build DBTI to what it is today.
When mass ended there was a brief break
during which the some cool drinks were
distributed to the students.
At 9:45 AM, Mr. Othello Deemi emceed the
Marian Variety Show during which the various
classes presented drama, song and dance items in
honour of Mary. Together with showcasing their
talents, this allowed the students to deepen their
knowledge of Mary as presented in the Bible and
in the spirituality of St. John Bosco. The Senior
Life Skills students acted out Don Bosco’s dream
at 9. While most gave renditions of Marian
songs, two—including Senior Automotive, the
eventual winner—spiced up their song with a
matching band number. The young men of
Senior Electrical also wowed the audience with
their harmonious a" cappella rendition. The
judges, Fr. Ambrose, Ms. Polyann Lepping, and
Br. Jefferson, were hard pressed in determining
the winner.
Since the variety show ended early and lunch
was still being cooked, the DBTI community then
proceeded to the quadrangle to arrange in the
fourZhouse groups: House of Love (red), House of
Joy (yellow), House of Justice (green) and House
of Peace (blue). These houseZnames reflected
virtues of the Blessed Mother. The grouping of
the DBTI community—students, staff and
Salesians—into “houses” was meant to foster
greater interaction and enable the members to
get to know each other.
Each house had prepared their banners and
these led them as they took their places in the
football field. The hour which followed was one
of general merriment. The fun began with war
dances and team cries. Mr. Dickson Palusi, the
FunZGames overZall coordinator, led staff and
SRC leaders in running the games which
included: the lemonZspoon race, the everZpopular
“overZunder,” humanZwheel barrow.
Lunch was served through the kindness of a
school benefactor and prepared by a group of
parents and friends of DBTI. This was very much
appreciated by the students.
After lunch, the students once again gathered
in the football field for the final funZgame: tyreZ
kicking, as a preview to the coming World Cup.
Throughout these games, students and staff
heartily participated and the time quickly passed
with excitement.
At 2:00 PM, Fr. John Cabrido gathered the
DBTI community, still gathered by “colour
houses” at the quadrangle for instructions on the
next game, the much awaited “treasure hunt.”
We were amused to see some of our companions
designated as “pirates” tasked to help the various
house groups discover hidden clues and,
ultimately, uncover the treasure. For the next
hour, DBTI was in joyful confusion as the four
colour houses ran ensemble to and fro,
meticulously looking for clues and dutifully
performing the corresponding penalties. The
treasure, hidden just outside the school chapel,
was recovered by the house of Peace
(blue).Though dead tired at the end, still became
the highlight of the day which we really enjoyed
the most.
The day ended with a simple awarding
ceremony preceded by a brief talk by Fr.
Dominic. The prizes were simple but sufficient
for all the participants. The house of Peace
garnered the overZall First Place, but from the
smiles on the faces of all, it was evident each one
went home a winner!
LIFE SKILLS students at Don Bosco
Technical Institute, Henderson enjoyed
a second interesting and enjoyable
baking session, learning new skills with
visiting instructor Isabel Hill. At this
second session they learnt to bake a
variety of pizzas.
The junior students were delighted
to be part of this session. “It has been
the best day of class that I have
attended,” said Chelsea Wilder. “ It
has given me something to think about
in regard to my future goal,” she
continued. “I have made pizzas
before, but this was soft and had a
very unique flavor,” said Deborah
Saru. “I enjoyed the explanation of
Isabel Hill and learnt a lot from the
questions of others,” said Monica Levi.
The students learnt to make the
pizza dough and then set it aside to
rise. In the meanwhile they assisted in
the preparation of the different
toppings for a Margherita Pizza,
Meaty Pizza and a Hawaiian Pizza.
After the first round of pizzas, the
students were given the opportunity to
try their hand at doing the same.
For the senior students they were
happy to develop the skills they had
learnt.” It was interesting using
different measuring equipment and
I also
realize that
we need to
on what we
are doing,
to get the
right,” said
Oruga. “I
received a
lot of new
ideas from
Isabel, and
thank her
for coming
over to teach us,” said Nairish Gana.
The students enjoyed the session
and look forward to sessions ahead.
Electricians in the Making Floyd&Vekebola&(Jr.&Electrical)
What is electricity? Electricity is a form of energy generated from elementary
particles usually supplied through cables or wires. Since these cables and wires
cannot connect by themselves, electricians are indispensable. An electrician is a
person who services, connects and maintains our electrical supply. Electrical
technicians today are in high demand since electricity can be present even in
remote villages supplied by solar power and generators.
I believe Don Bosco Technical Institute is well equipped to
train qualified electrical technicians. Here qualified
supervisors, teachers and instructors train the students both
in theory and in long hours of practical workshop.
Solomon Islands is developing and needs qualified and
skilled tradesmen and women. DBTI is a good place to start
that training in an electrical career. Please come.
Rua Haus
For the first time since the school’s start, DBTI has opened a dormitory for male students, the
“Rua Haus.” Still at its initial, experimental stage, it caters to students who live very far from the
school, especially those who come from the outlying islands, and whose daily commute is either
too expensive or takes too long. Although the number at the beginning of the year was just a
handful, this ballooned to 18 boarders due to the recent flooding. The number has since gone
down to some 12 boarders.
The studentZboarders contribute a monthly nominal fee of only 50.00 which barely covers the
cost of electricity, utilities and boarding. They take charge of cooking their own meals which they
do by rotation. To help shoulder expenses, the boarder also pitches in oneZhour of work from
Monday to Thursday. Mainly, this constitutes planting their own food crops for their future
benefit or cleaning the spaces they use, like the dormitory and toilets. They also go back home
every weekend to ensure they have their weekly food supply.
While the Rua Haus has its set of rules, the day has yet to arrive when these are fully observed.
The future of Rua Haus will depend on its current boarders who are challenged to go beyond
their selfish interests and see “with great opportunity comes great cost.” Otherwise, the days of
Rua Haus, so badly needed by many Bosconians who live faraway, are numbered.
Surprise gifts to Flood affected Families
The families that stayed in the Don Bosco Hall for three weeks in April were mainly from the Foxwood area. They were informed to come to the Good
Shepherd parish at Red Beach on Saturday 17th May, since the students of Don Bosco had prepared some gifts for the families. They couldn't believe that
the students could prepare such good quality tables, chairs and other household items.
The representative from the family had a choice of an oven drum or the choice of 4 items, which would make up the cost of an oven drum: a table, a
chair, a fire burner and a garden digger.The consultations among themselves, mostly in local dialect, were arguments on the
usefulness of each item for the family.
The Carpentry students, I am sure will get top grades for their project of making tables and chairs.The Automotive
students had lot of practice in welding as they made oven after oven from used drums. The 'garden digger' was something
innovative: a sharpened flat plate of metal welded on a 4" round hollow pipe, which was the creation Mr. George Oge, a
graduate of DBTI, now the supervisor of the maintenance department of the school. The MFM and Automotive students
were responsible for multiplying the diggers.
The Don Bosco Students were only the instruments of Salesian Missions, Australia who financed the materials needed for
producing the household materials. DBTI is grateful for the learning experience for the students who put in their heart and
soul to speed up their projects, working many extra hours, even on weekends. "Our sacrifice and hard work, can bring
comfort to those who suffered much during the flooding", said one of the students who witnessed the smiles of those who
collected their gifts. Another student put it this way, "I wish all my classmates were here to see how much joy our work
brought to so many families".
Three cheers to Salesian Missions 0 Australia! And cheers to the DBTI students!
Drawing Dominic
To drum up excitement for the
feast of St. Dominic Savio, Fr.
Ambrose organized a drawing
competition held on 5 th of May,
Monday, during the first (10 AM)
school break.
Each class designated two
representatives who were made to
choose from ten different pictures of the youthful saint. They were then
challenged to draw inspiration or to replicate the portrait enlarging it in
the A36size paper given to each. Given the time constraints (just about 25
minutes), all managed to submit worthwhile entrees. It is not very easy to
be an artist6under6pressure, but two students excelled above others: the
first prize wa won by Simon Steward (Jr. Carpentry); and the second was
awarded to Mark Mep (Jr. Automotive). Runner6up prizes were given to
Arthur Pelo (Jr. Electricity) and Eddie Niuo (Sr. Automotive). These and all
appreciation prizes given to the other competitors were from the
generosity of Fr. Rector, Fr. Dominic Kachira.
On 2-3 May 2014, we—the Junior, Senior and OJT (on-the-
job training) girls of the Life Skills department held our annual
retreat at the DBTI campus. It was facilitated by the Salesian
Sisters, particularly Sr. Sialei Puapuaga FMA and had for its
theme: “Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Beginning at
6:00 PM on Friday evening, it was filled with prayer, singing,
dancing and spiritual talks which made both for fun and
reflective moments.
One of the highlights was a talk delivered by an OJT student
who shared about the difficulties of finding a job. She reflected
on her struggle to find a job since one had to contend with
many other students from Regional Training Centres (RTCs)
from around the country who were also in pursuit of the same.
It really taught her the importance
of time and how this was
We thanked the Salesian
Sisters for their spiritual input
and ensuring that the retreat was
well organized. We will always
value and remember this very
prayerful and reflective weekend.

14th, Term Three Begins.
25th-26th, Senior Carpentry
1st- 2nd, Junior Carpentry
8th-9th, MFM Retreat.
16th, Birth Day of Don
17th, Past Pupils Day.
15th-16th-17th, Exams.
19th, End of Term 3.
20th, Report Sighting.

FIRST BLOOD Charlton!Kobi!(Sr.!Electrical)
Many DBTI donors came forward to donate blood on 27 th May 2014. The blood donation drive was part of the
Helpen Iumi Volunteer Blood Donor Recruitment Programme organized by the Solomon Islands Red Cross Society.
On that day, one of the presenters outlined the need to restock the local blood bank and reassured potential donors that the
human body replaces the blood in a few days. It was heart-warming and wonderful to see a steady flow of young Bosconians,
male and female, together with some staff members make their way to the school cafeteria which had been transformed into a
collection centre.
While filling up their forms, the blood pressure of the donor was checked to ensure that all was in order. Though most were
initially apprehensive and tense, their faces quickly lit with joy because they knew their generosity could help save lives. At the
end these good Samaritans were delighted to pick up a packet of biscuits, a tin of “Taiyo”, and sip a cold drink. “It is wonderful
that we can give blood and save a life,” shared Peter Tagarau, a Sr. Electical student, who was
convinced it is a mark of a Bosconian “to always to be ready and willing to volunteer his time
and talent to reach out to the less fortunate.” Others expressed similar comments.
The Solomon Islands Red Cross Blood Donation programme director has encouraged
more women to donate blood since they are the most common beneficiaries,
especially at the time of labour and delivery.
Proposed Date for “Grand Bazaar” to raise funds for a new Basketball Court:
Saturday 2nd August 2014