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Dear Fathers, Sisters and Members
of the Salesian family,
Greetings to all of you. The months of September and October are something special for us who love dearly our Madonna, the Blessed Virgin Mary. On the 8th September, we celebrated her birthday and on the 7th October the Feast of the Holy Rosary. As members of the Salesian Family we are invited and encouraged to increase and intensify our devotion to her. The 24th of the month gives us this occasion as well.

This month, in a special way, we pray for the intention of the Holy Father, Pope Francis. He invites all of us to pray and make sacrifices for peace in Syria and in the whole world. I would like also to ask your prayers for more missionary vocations, especially in our delegation. A Missionary vocation is not limited to the priests, religious and nuns, but to our lay partners as well. For sure, if all of us unite in our prayers and sacrifices the blessing and graces too will be in abundance. Wishing all of you the very best for the ending of the scholastic year.

I am one with you in prayers. God bless you all.

Fr. Raffy Galve sdb, PNG-SI Delegate, 15th October, 2013
“Like Don Bosco the
Educator, we offer
young people, the
Gospel of Joy,
through a
Pedagogy of Kindness”
2013 Strenna of the Rector Major,
Fr Pascual Chávez sdb
Salesian Missionary Intentions
Parents and Teacher: That those feeling
so crushed by life that they wish to end it
may sense the nearness of God’s love.

The Church in Africa: That the celebration
of World Mission Day may help all Christians
realise that we are not only receivers but
proclaimers of God’s Word.

Newsletter of the
PNG-SI Delegation
Delegation House – Araimiri – Savio House – DBTI, Boroko – Gabutu – Kumgi – Vunabosco – Henderson – Tetere TAVUR PNG-SI Delegation Office, P.O. Box 7579, Boroko 111, NCD, Papua New Guinea
October 2013
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I am writing to you … my young friends !
Begin with a Conversion of Heart Here are some of Don Bosco’s own words, reconstructed and interpreted. I have imagined Don Bosco speaking to us personally. He has a charming personality, which is deeply spiritual. I thought it useful to share with you something of what I understood from reading his most personal writings. It should arouse in you the desire to get to know him more intimately and to follow his spiritual suggestions in your educative and pastoral ministry at this troubled yet fascinating period of history.

Each  step  towards  inner  conversion  requires  a  response,  a  gift  given  in  love  to  the  God  who  has  8irst   loved  us.

   Since  the  Lord  loves  us  so  much  should  it  not  be  our  8irm  intention  to  try  to  do  all  we  can   to  avoid  whatever  might  displease  him?    This  process  is  a  movement  in  two  stages:  conversion  and   surrender  to  God.

   At  the  end  of  the  meditations  on  the  meaning  of  life  and  death,  I  always  invited  the  boys  of  the  Oratory  to   turn  to  God  and  to  tell  them  fervently  and  from  the  depths  of  their  hearts:  “From  this  moment,  my  Lord,  I  am  turning  my  life   over  to  you.

   I  love  you  and  I  want  to  serve  you  with  joy  to  the  end  of  my  days.

   Holy  Virgin,  my  Mother,  help  me  always  to  be   faithful.” First  of  all,  we  must  truthfully  re8lect  on  ourselves.

   This  may  happen  at  various  times  and  may  take  various  forms.

     For  me,  it   took   place   very   clearly   and   effectively   when   I   was   twenty   years   old.

    I   must  admit  that  before  that  time  I  was  rather   dissipated,   boastful,   given   in  to   fun  and  games,   busy   entertaining   myself   with   other  things  that  cheered  me  up  for  the   moment  but  nothing  that  really  satis8ied  me  deeply.

   Basically,  I  was  very  self-­‐centered  as  happens  to  most  young  people.

       It   was  only  at  the  end  of  my  high  school  that  I  seriously  got  to  grips  with  questions  about  my  future.

   I  realized  that  the  dreams  I   had  cultivated  thus   far  were  very  vague.

   It   was   true  that   I  felt  a  certain  inclination  towards  the  priesthood  so  that  I  could   take  care  of  young  people,  but  I  had  also  to  be  realistic.

     My  way  of  life,  certain  habits  that  I  possessed  and  a  total  lack  of  the   virtues  necessary  to  become  a  priest  made  it  dif8icult  for  me  to  decide.

   I  had  to  spend  more  time  in  re8lection.

   At  8irst  I  tried   to  do  this  by  myself.

   I  began  reading  spiritual  books  and  visiting  some  religious  communities  around  Cheri.

     I  felt  called  to   the  contemplative  way  of  life.

   I  even  thought  of  entering  a  monastery  with  the  hope  that  it  would  help  to  quell  my  passions,   especially  my  pride  that  was  deeply  rooted  in  my  heart.

But  I  was  trying  to  build  a  future  based  on  my  limited  view  and  my  own  fears  without  taking  into  account  the  plans  God  gad   for  me.

   Although  I  had  been  accepted  by  the  Franciscans  my  plans  ran  aground.

   I  was  then  advised  by  Comollo  my  most   trusted  friend.

   He  made  me  understand  what  state  of  mind  I  needed  to  be  in:  a  complete  willingness  to  do  the  Lord’s  will  –   an  unconditional  surrender.

   I  had  to  trust  God  completely  with  utmost  con8idence  and  without  any  fear.

After  all,  every  Christian  vocation  is  not  simply  the  result  of  a  decision  that  one  makes  to  give  oneself  completely  to  God.

   It   begins  from  a  radical  change  of  heart.

   Therefore  one  should  be  able  to  say  like  the  young  Samuel:  “Speak  Lord,  your  servant   is  listening,”  or  like  Mary:  “Behold  the  handmaid  of  the  Lord,  be  it  done  to  me  according  to  your  word.”    I  prayed  a  lot,  I  began   a  novena  that   was  preceded  by  a  good  Confession  and  in  the  meantime  Louis  had  written  a  letter  to  his  uncle  priest  –  who   already  knew   me   –  and  he  explained  to   him   my   problem.

      On  the   last  day  of  the  novena  I  made  my  Confession  again,       attended  Holy  Mass  and  received  Communion.

   Finally,  I  was   now  willing  to  do  whatever  the  Lord  wanted  of  me  because  I   had  decided  to  give  God  everything  I  was  and  possessed.

   Nothing  else  remained  in  my  heart  except  to  be  a  good  Christian,  at   God’s  service  wherever  he  calls  me.

   I  realized  later  my  conversion  was  true  and  8inal.

That  very  same  day  I  received  a  reply  from  Louis’  uncle.

   He  advised  me  to  drop  my  previous  choice  and  he  invited  me  to  join   the  seminary   because   during   the  course  of  my   studies  I   would  better   understand  God’s  plans.

   I  should  not  be  afraid  of   making  a  mistake  if  I  kept  a  watch  over  my  heart,  practiced  recollection  and  prayer  because  these  would  help  me  overcome   all  my  dif8iculties.

   I  did  what  he  suggested.

   I  applied  myself  seriously  to  prepare  for  that  step.

   I  went  home  for  the  holidays,  I   stopped  during  acrobatics  (how  vain  and  proud  I  was,  yearning  for  the  praise  of  the  audience  through  those  shows!).

   I  read   some  good  books,  which  hitherto  I  had  neglected.

   I  continued  to  take  care  of  youngsters,  telling  them  stories,  spending  time   with  them  in  their  games  and  singing.

   Many  of  them  were  totally  ignorant  about  the  truths  of  the  faith.

   I  tried  to  teach  them   the  truths  of  the  Faith  and  introduce  them  to  prayer.

Points  for  re+lection  and  discussion:   What  elements  of  conversion  can  you  identify  in  this  section?   Why  are  conversion  and  the  surrender  of  oneself  to  God  complementary  aspects  of  the  same  spiritual  disposition? - Aldo Giraudo
Translated and adapted by Ian Doulton sdb
I am writing to you … my young friends !3
60 years of committed Salesian Life!
16th August, Don Bosco's birthday. While we thank God today we join Fr.

Eduardo Revilla in praise and thanksgiving as he celebrates his 60th
anniversary of religious profession. Thank you Fr. Edu for your shining
example of dedication, cheerfulness, optimism, and fatherhood.

After celebrating the 60th religious profession of a Salesian priest, Fr.

Eduardo Revilla, we witness today the renewal of temporary vows by our Vietnamese lay Salesian, Br. Peter Mac Khai Le SDB, assigned as practical trainee in the Savio Haus Prenovitiate Seminary. We also celebrate a thanksgiving Mass for the silver jubilee of religious profession of a Salesian Sister, Sr. Alice Fulgencio FMA, who together with other sisters assist in the Salesian educational apostolate at DBTI. These are days of gratitude and praise to God for His gift of fidelity especially to the Salesian family!
- Australasia
 -­‐  The  of  the  Salesian  Delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  the  Solomon  Islands Photos:
Fr. Eduardo Revilla surrounded by the Salesians and aspirants, Br Peter Mac Khai Le sdb renews his vows, Sr. Alice Fulgencio fma celebrates her Silver Jubilee of Profession, Entertainment items in progress.

THAILAND EAO BROTHERS: Moving Towards the Bicentenary of Don Bosco's Birth (THA)
BANGKOK (THAILAND) 25 August, 2013 - The East Asia Oceania Region has a steady growth in the Brother vocation. This is partly sustained by initiatives from the EAO Mobile Formation Team, in collaboration with the different EAO provinces, that promote and invest in the formation of the Salesian Brothers. One of these formation moments was the recently concluded East Asia Oceania Salesian Brothers’ Congress held from August 19 to 23, 2013 at the Salesian Retreat House in Hua Hin, Thailand. It was the 6th meeting of this kind. It aims to prepare for the celebration of Don Bosco’s birth come 2015 from the Salesian Brothers' perspective.

More than 85 confreres attended from AUL, CIN, FIN, FIS, KOR, ITM, MYM, PNG-SI, THA, VIE and missionaries from Pakistan and Mongolia. Among them were about 10 priests including Fr. Prasert Somngam, (THA Provincial), Fr. Lanfranco Fedrigotti (CIN Provincial) and Fr. George Militante, (FIS Provincial) and some delegates of Formation and Youth Ministry from the various provinces. Something very significant in this congress was the attendance of a big number of young dynamic Brothers.

The congress started with the reports about the resolutions made during the 2006 congress in Cambodia. The participants also reflected upon the letters sent by Fr. Klement Vaclav (Missions) and Br. Jean Paul Muller (Economer). Then Br. Michael Harris (AUL) and Br. John Baptist Thanad Anan (THA) also delivered a conference on pedagogy. Br.

Raymond Callo (FIN) gave a talk on spirituality, including the scheme of the Salesian Brother Specific Formation in Manila, while Fr. Chrys Saldanha (RMG) presented the revisions on the Ratio.

The congress days started with a Lectio Divina facilitated by Fr. Francis Gustillo. It can be said that the whole event was marked with a reflective and prayerful atmosphere where the brothers shared insights about the conferences, their Salesian Brother vocation and the path where the Lord is leading them to be. On the other hand, light and recreational moments bonded the brothers from different provinces.

Br. Callo, a member of the EAO Formation Mobile Team, headed the team of organizers composed of confreres from the THA Province and the Salesian Brothers undergoing their specific formation in Manila. Fr. Andrew Wong, Regional Councillor of the EAO, graced the event with his words of encouragement and his support for these kind of formative activities.4
PNG-SI Social Communications Commission Please send your articles to:
Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb -

Mayette Carvajal -

Volunteers welcome
- Fr. Ariel Macatangay TAVUR - The newsletter of the Salesian Delegation of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands 7 ladies are inducted by Bishop Rochus Tatamai, bishop of Bereina, as new members of the Association of Mary Help of Christians at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians last Sunday, the birthday of our Blessed Mother. The lay association was founded by St. John Bosco himself. — with Geo Morgan, Robyn Lepon, Cecilia K Amala, Bishop Rochus Tatamai, Jemo Lingz Mogala, Grace Dasse and Alice Fulgencio.

17th August, 2013: A feast of colors and pageantry, this cultural show hosted by DBTS is one of the best, brightest, and beautiful showcase of culture in PNG! Congratulations Don Bosco Technical School, Gabutu, Port Moresby, PNG Dr. Catherine Nongkas, dean of education faculty at Divine Word University addresses DBTI students at the morning assembly.

Her 2 day visit to DBTI is part of the continuous linkages our school makes as an affiliate of DWU.

13th September, Muffty Day at DBTI. Two days before the celebration of Independence Day, students organize a fund raising activity by charging fines to those who do not come to school in traditional attire.

Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moresby administers baptism, confirmation and first holy communion at Mary Help of Christians Shrine at DBTI. 6 among our college students receive confirmation.

In Pictures ....5 - Hayden Powick TAVUR  -­‐  The  of  the  Salesian  Delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  Solomon  Islands REFLECTIONS “I was challenged to understand how media technology is here to stay and can impact and influence the world”, said Yeska Tiamai.

“There is more to the media than the news”, said Sunugu Wesley, 2nd year electrical student. “Making know the current issues in society is our responsibility”.

“The participants consider it a privilege to have attended the seminar and they look forward to sharing their positive insights with others” said Gande Sunny, 1 st year Machine Fitting student.

“I have learnt from the animators and will share it with my companions in the village, that they too may understand the media”, said Naomi John, 2 nd year Office Administration student.

“Media has a three fold purpose – information, education and entertainment. I realize that the media has been used for entertainment and that the educational and informational aspect has been left out. This needs to change”, said Kupa Edwick, Head girl and 2 nd year Office Administration student.

“We have realized that the Internet has to be used for the good of all persons”, said Olkin Christopher, 1 st year Electrical student - Fr. Ambrose Pereira 130 participants attended the two day Media Education Seminar held at Don Bosco Tech Institute, Kumgi on the 23 rd and 24 th September, 2013. The participants – a mix of students, teachers and students from a few other schools were delighted to be part of the two-day programme. Highlighting the World Communications Day message: ‘Social Networks, portals of truth and faith, new spaces for evangelization’, Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb invited the participants to understand the media and use it to empower life as they spread positive messages through the different media.

Fiji Media Watch Director, Agatha Ferei dealt with critical analysis of media content. “Their challenges included vandalism, rape and violence, heavy demands of their community on bride price, unstable families, a clash between the traditional culture and Christianity, substance abuse and loitering of the young”, said Agatha Ferei as she helped the participants critically analyze the issues that they face. The other animators right through their sessions echoed similar sentiments. Information Technology expert, Hayden Powick opened the students to the possibilities of Social Media while Mario Braganza instructed the students on the need to write creatively and balance the same with photographs.

The participants were immersed in every activity – right from the well-animated Eucharistic celebration in the morning to the insightful film at the end of the day. The enthusiasm of the animators rubbed off on to the participants as they sang, staged little dramas, painted banners and participated at the different sessions.

Papua New Guinea is in a unique situation, in that most of the students know that Social Networking exists, but haven’t had easy access to it yet. Principal Sr. Leena John was pleased with the very positive approach, cheerfulness and catholic values highlighted by the animators. “You have created awareness, showed the good and bad side of the media. It is now up to the students to be responsible users of the media”, she said.

Gratitude and thanks go out to Fr. Albert Lenon sdb, Rector and the entire salesian community of Kumgi for the arrangements and the coordination to ensure that the seminar lacked nothing.

Media Education Seminar at Don Bosco Tech Institute, Kumgi Responsible use of the Media Potential for terror and evangelization Social Media has enveloped the world with a revolution of ideas, perspectives and an instant rush of information. This media revolution has definitely not excluded the hot city of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, or the students at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Boroko. The two day Media Seminar held on 26 th and 27 th September, orchestrated by Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb covered many of the issues regarding the paradigm shift that has been occurring in the media worldwide. These included Media Ethics, Digital Identity, Digital Behaviour, Article Writing, Image Composition and Media Awareness.

Mario Braganza, a volunteer from India, discussed the fine points of creating an article. This was with a small selected group of staff and students from Boroko and Araimiri, who would attend the seminar for the entire two days. In the late morning a talk was held for around 250. The speakers left the students in awe of these ‘New Technologies’ that are useful for ‘Social Networking”. With the potential for both terror and evangelisation, and because social media is a massive part of our world, the students learnt to appreciate the huge impact it will have on how young people think. In the afternoon Agatha Ferei, Director of Fiji Media Watch ran a workshop on advertising the un-advertisable.

On the second day the group 30 of students began exploring techniques for effective image composition, quickly applying it to a number of practical Exercises. Earlier, the participants were guided into making a Media Awareness Action Plan. The final session had a technological twist as Hayden Powick, New Zealand IT specalist led them to log on to a blog website. They then proceeded to create their own post with content relevant to themselves. Social Media is inherently two-way communication, and so the students then proceeded to comment on each other’s posts. Everyone enjoyed this exposure to modern communication, which brought the seminars theory to life. “I found the students here in PNG both intelligent and animated to learn about Social Media. Students from my country take Social Media for granted, and subsequently a lot of issues are arising because of their complacency. PNG is right of the brink of this revolution, and so it was a blessing to expose areas of concern before it was too late.” – Hayden Powick, NZ IT specilist.

Social Networks6 TAVUR - The newsletter of the Salesian delegation of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands 18 th August, 2013: This day brought back the festivity of the Don Bosco Day celebration as different people from all walks of life flocked to Vunabosco gymnasium to watch this year’s main event – the Cultural Presentation. It was missed last year due to another equally breathtaking event - the Stage Musical – ‘The Witness’ spearheaded by the then principal, Fr.

Clifford Morais, sdb.

Prior to the much-awaited day, a Sports day via the Rector’s Cup was held on 16 August in celebration of the birthday of our Rector, Fr. Roger Miranda, sdb. There was the gift- giving led by the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the Class Officers who made an effort to make the Rector’s birthday a memorable one. A refreshment to all the Bosconians made the day truly special.

On 17 th August, Saturday, alumni of Vunabosco Agro-Technical Secondary School gathered together once again to celebrate Alumni Day. A mass officiated by the birthday celebrant himself, Fr. Roger, was held at the chapel. Then they all proceeded to the gymnasium to have fun-games and shared the sumptuous meal they all prepared for this day.

They had meeting afterwards on how the alumni can actively support and participate in the activities of the school.

The birthday treat was not over yet as benefactors and friends of Don Bosco all came in the night to celebrate Fr.

Roger’s most special day. During the dinner, an entertainment from the students, staff and guests added glitter to the occasion. The actual day had come – the Don Bosco Day, the excitement and the eagerness of the audience was seen as the holy mass started on time. When the mass was over, the people were led to the shop exhibits where they bought most of the items on sale.

The pre-program entertainment was opened by the Grade 12 Rua through a poem interpretation entitled ‘The Congo’.

The highlight of the day was the cultural presentation where the VB New Ireland Group, VB Mix Group (Pomio Dance), VB West New Britain Group, VB ENB Group, and the VB Buka Group showed sterling performances. In between these grand items was the raffle draw where most of the Bosconians won the major and minor prizes.

The feast of St. John Bosco ended with a message from Fr.

Roger thanking everyone - the benefactors, staff, parents and students for all their dedication and selfless efforts to make the three-day affair worth-remembering.

VUNA BOSCO The  Salesians  of  Don  Bosco  are  a  congrega2on  who   cater  to  the  growth  and  development  of  youth  -­‐   that  part  of  society  most  exposed  to  danger  yet  so   rich  in  promise.

    The  PNG-­‐SI  Delega2on  runs  Technical  Ins2tutes,   parishes  and  is  involved  in  the  forma2on  of  its   personnel.

    We  need  your  help  to  support  and  assist  us  as  we   go  about  our  work  for  the  young.

    Dona%ons  can  be  sent  to: • Bank  /  Branch :  ANZ  /  Waigani  (Papua  New   Guinea) • Account  Name :  SALESIANS  OF  DON  BOSCO • Account  Number :  11418878 • SWIFT  Code :  ANZBPGPX A  receipt  for  your  dona0on  will  be  sent  to  you.

FEAST DAY OF ST. JOHN BOSCO A Milestone - Harold Argante Cultural Day at Vunabosco Fr. Roger Miranda - celebrates his birthday Congratulations ! Mt.Wilhelm Conquest 5 SDB priests and 5 Simbu boys struggle and succeed to reach the top of PNG's tallest mountain peak at Mt. Wilhelm at 4,509 meters.

    “I had to walk 12 hours going to the top and 10 hours coming down.

Praise God for his wonderful creation and for strengthening my feeble knees! Special thanks to my 4 confreres and 5 Simbu boys who climbed with me. I would not have made it without their help, support and encouragement!”, said Fr. Ariel Macatangay. ! 7 Reflections: “It has been a joy to teach Tiffany. She has been responsible, reliable, trustworthy and honest”, said Falai Floyd, Monarch Caterers Ltd, employer of Tiffany. “I am very happy”, said Gladys Huta, mother of Tiffany. “I realize that all I learnt at Don Bosco, has its relevance in the work place. I have put it into practice everyday. Thank you so very much.” - Tiffany Huta, Life Skills.

“Stanley has given me a lot of courage”, said Augustine Doketa, father of Stanley Ulufaalu. “It has taken me a lot of commitment and hard work to get this far.

To those who are preparing for their OJT, keep in mind four key guidelines for your future: Punctuality, Discipline, Honesty and Commitment. The Industry needs your positive attitude”, said Stanley. He completed his OJT at Don Bosco and Kosol Cooperation Limited.

“I have had an enjoyable time working with the Senior Staff at Heritage Park Hotel. The work is hard, but I always try my best and do what is required of me, in line with my trade. In moments of difficulty, I say a prayer to Don Bosco to guide me and I never forget to conclude my work with a prayer”, said a happy and smiling Florence Kwana’au, Heritage Park Hotel.

“All through my On-the-job, I came across a lot of challenges. Above all, the negative influence of other youth as they try to distract me from my duty. Somehow, I have managed to overcome the temptation to join them and focus on my goal. The good advice of Don Bosco has helped me. Thanks to the staff of Don Bosco. We now have a direction that each of us can follow.” – Steven Sifo, Automotive Technology, employed by Pacific Ferries Ltd.

“During my On-the-job at the National Referral Hospital, Honiara, I have learnt the difference between a general diet and a special diet. I understand the requirements of food and a high protein diet. I am very appreciative of the experience gained and I am sure it will help me in the years ahead as I am keen to continue to work in the hospitality and catering industry in future”. – Bethlyn Horamae, Life Skills Department, National Referral Hospital Catering Department.

“Success in life will come if you choose your target and strive with all your heart and mind to achieve it”.

Timson Mae, Automotive student, Eastern Motors and Ela Motors.

73 STUDENTS graduated at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson on 11th October, at 9am, after having passed the required course of studies and completed their on-the-job hours of work. Dressed in blue shirts and neckties, the graduates looked neat and smart. The beautiful backdrop spelled out the theme: Our Hope, our Future’. It was flanked with neatly crafted floral designs setting the tone for a very beautiful and inspiring morning.

The Graduation commenced with a well-animated thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration.

Archbishop Adrian Smith sm, Archbishop of Honiara presided over the Eucharist together with the other Salesian priests. In his homily he encouraged the students to listen and put into practice all that they learnt. “Uphold the values of respect, punctuality, commitment, honesty and hard work, and not corruption that will be the ruin of Solomon Islands’, he said.

Honorable Dick Ha’amori, Minister for Education, H.E. Matthew Anderson, High Commissioner for Australia, Franco Roddie, Under Secretary Tertiary, John Wate, Director TVET, Bernard Rapasia, CEO TVET, Bede O’Brien, APTC Operations Manager were the VIPs present. The hall was filled to capacity as parents, relatives and friends gathered to congratulate their son or daughter the moment they graduate. Chief guest for the occasion, Minister Ha’amori spoke on the need for Technical Vocational Education and Training to enable young people gain productive skills. “Your training at Don Bosco has molded you into a better citizen of our country and a role model for other fellow students”, he said as he addressed the students. He appreciated the DBTI-APTC partnership; the many programmes conducted and is hopeful that the dual educational system will be to the benefit of the students and the country.

“Today you have achieved your dream and we pray that your achievements will spur you on and lead others by your example”, said Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb, Rector as he addressed the audience. He thanked all those responsible and challenged the young graduates to present their entire first salary to their parents. “This is a small token of gratitude and thanks for all they have done over the past years”, he said. He expressed his gratitude to the Solomon Islands Government, European Union, the Australian Government, the Catholic Church and all who support the education of the young at Don Bosco Technical Institute. He thanked all for all the cooperation and networking over the past 6 years and requested that the same cooperation be extended to the incoming Rector. “Keep the flag of Don Bosco flying high,” he concluded.

It was a proud moment as each graduate received his or her certificate. Parents, relatives and friends stood ready to shower them with garlands, embraces and gifts. Florence Kwanaau and Ken Tolo’ofa then led the graduates in their pledge and oath. The graduates then sang ‘Dare to Dream’. As the formal ceremony concluded a variety of entertaining items were staged by the students of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson. The dance ‘I have a dream’ by the Life Skills and hostel girls drew the loudest applause. The over 700 persons enjoyed a delicious meal. Thanks to Ms Camari Bainivalu, Fr. Dominic Kachira, Fr. Srimal Priyanga and their team and to Szetu Enterprizes Ltd for the cold drinks, and to all who assisted at the celebration.

Students on a cultural item Hon. Dick Ha’amori speaks TAVUR  -­‐  The  of  the  Salesian  delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  Solomon  Islands Photographs anticlockwise: I have a dream by the Life Skills girls; Eucharistic celebration; VIPs on the dias; Archbishop Adrian Smith presents a certificate.

Dare to dream, dare to fly! - Fr. Ambrose Pereira sdb
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(Hua Hin, Thailand)
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- Cl. Moise Palaku sdb
Institution of Lectorate and Acolyte On 14 th September, 2013, Feast of the Holy Cross in a Solemn Eucharistic Celebration, at the Don Bosco Chapel, Paranaque, eleven brothers have been entrusted the task to proclaim the Word of God in the liturgical assembly and for the acolytes, to attend to the service at the altar assisting the deacon and the priest in liturgical actions. The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Eli Cruz, provincial together with several other concelebrants.

Those who received their ministries are: Acolytes: Da Silva Ambrosio, sdb (ITM), Dos Santos Mario, sdb (ITM), Gusmao Jacinto, sdb (ITM), Llenos Generoso, sdb (FIS), Pano Gilbert, sdb (PNG-SI); Lectors: Donnie Duchin, sdb (FIN), Freitas Venancio, sdb (ITM), Lal Noble, sdb (FIS), Paluku Moise, sdb (PNG-SI), Musya Stephen, sdb (PNG-SI), Dumanacal Vincent (Diocesan).

The ministries enable us ‘to grow in and experience values and adopt attitudes which are characteristic of formation to youth pastoral ministry, and will foster the abilities and skills needed’.

They have a ‘special pedagogical significance’ states the Salesian Ratio. ‘The cross you dare to carry consist on exercising these ministries for the greater responsibility of the ministry of priesthood’, said Fr. Anthony Nguyen, master of ceremonies at the event.

Fr. Eli Cruz sdb, provincial conferring the
ministry of Acolyte on Cl. Gilbert Pano sdb