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TAVUR news PNG-SI Delegation, Papua New Guinea june 2013

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1 Dear Fathers, Sisters and Members of the Salesian family, Greetings.
We are grateful to God for the blessings and graces we have experienced these past weeks.
As a beautiful expression of our devotion and love to the Mother of God, our Help of Christians, we had the novena to Mary Help of Christians.
Everyday the recitation of the Holy Rosary was said with the blessing of Mary Help of Christians at the end.
Truly a very Salesian and Marian devotion, practiced even during the time of St.
John Bosco.
The novena concluded on 24 th May with a Solemn Eucharistic celebration at which all the members of the Salesian Family joined in.
The main event of the festivity was the Perpetual Profession of our local candidate to the Priesthood, Cl.
Glbert Pano.
For the gift of Cl.
Gilbert we are witnessing a miracle from Our Lady.
We ended the month of May with a solemn blessing of the new Dormitory of the Girls in DBTI.
What a blessing not only to our DBTI girls but also to our FMA sisters.
This expresses another miracle by our Blessed Mother.
From then on our boarding girls will have an assurance of a home that welcomes young females and young professionals.
As we introduce the month of June, we continue our journey of faith.
This month is dearly dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Our reflection and our longing will be to join the entire Christian people in praying and responding to the invitation of Jesus our Saviour to be one step closer to his heart.
May this month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus be days of living out our love and devotion to God and to our brothers and sisters.
Our congratulation and warm greetings of festivity to our Caritas Sisters.
May God bless all of you.
Sincerely, Fr.
Raffy Galve sdb, PNG-SI Delegate, 15th June, 2013 “Like Don Bosco the Educator, we offer young people, the Gospel of Joy, through a Pedagogy of Kindness” 2013 Strenna of the Rector Major, Fr Pascual Chávez sdb TAVUR  -­‐  The  newsle.
er  of  the  Salesian  delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  the  Solomon  Islands   Salesian Missionary Intentions 2013 Mutual Respect: That a culture of dialogue, listening and mutual respect may prevail among peoples.
New Evangelization: That where secularization is strongest, Christian communities may effectively promote a new evangelization.
Newsletter of the PNG-SI Delegation Delegation House – Araimiri – Savio House – DBTI, Boroko – Gabutu – Kumgi – Vunabosco – Henderson – Tetere TAVUR PNG-SI Delegation Office, P.
Box 7579, Boroko 111, NCD, Papua New Guinea June 2013 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 I am writing to you - 2 Blessing of Dormitory - 3 Reach Out - 6 In Praise of Mary - 4 APTC-DBTI partnership - 7 News bits - 5 Congratulations Fr.
Alfred ! - 82 I TAVUR - The newsletter of the Salesian Delegation of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands I am writing to you … my young friends ! The Need of a Guide Here are some of Don Bosco’s own words, reconstructed and interpreted.
I have imagined Don Bosco speaking to us personally.
He has a charming personality, which is deeply spiritual.
I thought it useful to share with you something of what I understood from reading his most personal writings.
It should arouse in you the desire to get to know him more intimately and to follow his spiritual suggestions in your educative and pastoral ministry at this troubled yet fascinating period of history.
As  you  make  progress  in  your  spiritual  life  you  need  a  guide.
   This  is  a  fact  of  which  I  am  convinced.
    Even  if  you  are  lucky  enough  to  be  educated  and  well  informed,  should  you  want  to  reach  a  higher   spiritual  level  you  need  this  special  personal  relationship.
   In  my  life  I  have  realized  that  without   spiritual  direction  you  will  never  achieve  anything  good.
   I  have  tested  this  with  the  best  youngsters   that  God  placed  in  my  charge.
When  I  spoke  to  Dominic  Savio  for  the  very  Cirst  time,  I  sensed  that  he  was  a  boy  who  had  been  endowed  with  the  Spirit  of   the  Lord  and  I  was  surprised  by  the  way  grace  had  already  worked  in  him  at  such  a  tender  age.
   He  had  wonderful  parents,   great  teacher  and  grew  up  in  a  healthy  environment.
   He  also  displayed  a  maturity  of  judgment  and  reClection  beyond  his   years.
   He  immersed  himself  enthusiastically  into  the  community  of  the  Oratory  and  its  activities.
   These  positive  stimuli   were  given  a  fertile  environment  to  blossom.
   Reading  and  meditating  on  the  Word  of  God  had  reCined  his  interior  life  until   one  day  he  heard  some  words  in  a  sermon  that  touched  him  deeply  and  Clamed  his  love  for  God.
   This  was  an  overwhelming   inner  experience  that  was  intense  and  truly  spiritual.
   He  felt  compelled  to  surrender  everything  to  God  forever.
   Yet,  despite   this  deeply  spiritual  experience,  he  would  have  made  little  progress  without  a  spiritual  guide.
Spiritual  direction  helped  Dominic  to  achieve  a  balance  between  interiority  and  a  life  of  action,  between  prayer  and  service,   between  love  for  God  and  for  his  companions,  between  contemplation  and  action.
   He  thus,  became  a  model  that  would   motivate  so  many  youngsters,  becoming  an  important  point  of  reference  for  the  spirituality  of  young  apostles  and  leaders.
Perhaps  you  will  tell  me  that  it  is  not  easy  to  Cind  a  spiritual  director.
   That’s  true.
   But  I  don’t  believe  that  you  need  to  be  sure   about  the  results  in  order  to  know  how  good  a  guide  is.
   It  is  your  inner  attitude  of  humility,  trust,  docility  and  obedience  that   allows  the  Holy  Spirit  to  work  effectively  in  you.
   Along  with  this  you  need  a  strong  desire  and  a  Cirm  determination  to   embark  on  this  spiritual  journey.
That  was  how  it  was  for  Dominic  Savio.
   He  conCided  entirely  in  me  from  the  Cirst  time  we  met.
   It  was  the  same  for  Francis   Besucco,  the  simple  shepherd  boy  from  in  the  mountains  of  Cuneo,  who  came  to  join  the  community  of  the  Oratory.
   He  came   to  me  and  said:  “Since  I  want  to  put  my  soul  into  your  hands,  I  would  like  to  tell  you  all  that  is  on  my  conscience  so  that  you   may  know  me  better  and  will  be  able  to  give  me  the  best  advice  to  save  my  soul.
” This  conCidence  and  obedience,  this  humble  disclosure,  according  to  the  great  spiritual  masters  is  an  essential  prerequisite   for  spiritual  progress.
   In  fact,  when  there  are  such  attitudes,  the  Holy  Spirit,  who  is  the  real  architect  of  our  interior  life,  also   uses  persons  who  are  simple  and  humble  to  give  us  just  the  right  advice.
   I  myself  have  had  this  experience.
   While  studying   in  the  public  schools  of  Chieri,  I  was  really  helped  by  my  confessor  to  avoid  some  humiliating  experiences  and  grow   spiritually.
   But  I  received  much  more  valuable  advice  from  a  companion  who  was  younger  than  I,  his  name  was  Louis   Comollo.
   His  habits  and  his  Christian  conviction  were  more  effective  than  any  sermon.
   I  learned  from  him  how  to  live  as  a   Christian.
   Thanks  to  his  advice  I  was  able  to  overcome  all  the  doubts  I  had  about  my  vocation.
Subsequently,  in  my  work  as  an  educator  I  often  collaborated  in  helping  to  care  for  youngsters  by  assisting  them  and   personally  guiding  some  of  their  dissipated  companions.
   I  chose  some  bright  youngsters  who  were  openly  Christian  in  their   behaviour.
   They  were  generous,  attentive  and  careful  to  avoid  compromise  and  mediocrity  and  they  were  veritable  spiritual   guides,  achieving  results  that  I  would  have  thought  impossible  for  me.
Points  for  Re,lection  and  Discussion i.
Don  Bosco  reminds  that  it  is  indispensible  to  4ind  a  guide  in  order  to  progress  in  the  spiritual  life.
 What  do  you  think? ii.
Do  you  have  a  spiritual  director?    Have  you  looked  for  one? iii.
Will  you  pray  that  the  Lord  helps  you  meet  a  ‘Spiritual  Director’?   - Aldo Giraudo Translated and adapted by Ian Doulton sdb I am writing to you … my young friends !3 BOROKO - Fr.
Ariel Macatangay Blessing of MARY OUR HELP LADY'S DORMITORY TAVUR  -­‐  The  newsle.
er  of  the  Salesian  Delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  the  Solomon  Islands Photographs anti-clockwise from the top: • 3 new buildings of Mary Our Help, constructed with big help from the national government of PNG.
Valeriano Barbero was mainly responsible for the construction, with the help of Mr.
Vincent Oberes.
• The Governor General, the Grand Chief, Sir Michael Ogio, delivering the key-note address, where he thanked DBTI for providing safe, peaceful and formative place for many more young women all over PNG.
• Sr.
Sarah Garcia FMA, Provincial of the Salesian Sisters of the Philippine Province, thanks all those who contributed and supported in the construction of the new buildings.
• Mr.
Simon Kenehe, Commissioner for Higher Education, introducing the keynote speaker.
Seated are the Governor General and his wife, Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moresby, Fr.
Valeriano Barbero and other benefactors.
• Some refreshments for guests in the newly constructed building.
• Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moresby was one among 6 who did the ceremonial tree planting.
• Traditional dance items from DBTI female students from Buka, North Solomon Province, PNG.
Port Moresby, 31st May, 2013: On our Lady's Feast of the Visitation, Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moresby blessed the Mary Our Help Lady's Dormitory near the Salesian Sisters' residence at DBTI.
In his welcome address, Fr.
Valeriano Barbero welcomed the Governor General, Sir Michael Ogio who gave the key-note address and Sr.
Sarah Garcia FMA thanked all those who were involved in the construction.
Benefactors, guests and many of the staff and students of DBTI were present.
In his welcome address, Fr.
Valeriano Barbero, who was responsible for the construction of the 3 big buildings, shared that the Salesians will continue to do good works in PNG so long as they can count on the support of generous benefactors.
The keynote speaker was the Governor General, Sir Michael Ogio, who congratulated DBTI for providing a safe, peaceful, formative place for many more college girls from far away places to realize their dreams.
He was introduced by Mr.
Simon Kenehe, Commissioner of Higher Education.
Archbishop John Ribat of Port Moresby presided over the blessing ceremony and was assisted in the blessing by Fr.
Valeriano Barbero, Fr.
Raffy Galve, Salesian Delegation Superior and Fr.
Louie Castaneda, Rector of DBTI.
Sarah Garcia, Provincial of the FMA sisters thanked everyone on behalf of the sisters and the girls who would benefit from this dormitory.
Other friends and benefactors, together with many of the students, participated in this momentous and joyful event during Our Lady's feast of the Visitation.
4 In  praise  of  Mary  Help  of  Christians TAVUR - The newsletter of the Salesian Delegation of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands PNG-SI Social Communications Commission Please send your articles to: Fr.
Ambrose Pereira sdb - ambrose@donbosco.
sb Mayette Carvajal - mayettebcarvajal@hotmail.
com Volunteers welcome BOROKO,  N.
 (Papua  New  Guinea)  17-­19   May  2013  -­‐-­‐  Five  years  ago  (2008),  in  the  month   of  Mary  Help  of  Christians,  a  group  that  called   itself  the  "300  Youth  for  Mary"  was  founded.
 They   held  a  Marian  Youth  Camp  at  the  Don  Bosco   Technological  Institute  Compound  and  this   became  an  annual  event.
 This  year,  again,  about   300  youth  from  Don  Bosco  Technological  Institute,   Don  Bosco  Technical  School,  University  of  Papua   New  Guinea  and  other  institutions  in  Port   Moresby  came  to  participate  in  this  event  organized  by  the  Core  Group   Members  of  the  "300  Youth  for  Mary"  and  coordinated  by  Sr.
 Cristina   Villasanta  FMA  (Spiritual  Moderator  of  DBTI).
The  theme  for  the  event  is  LIVE  CHRIST,  SHARE  CHRIST.
 Being  in  the  Year  of  Faith,  this  year's   Marian  Youth  Camp  is  called  "Faith  Camp  on  Fire!".
 Group  activities  like  Faith  Sharing  and   games,  singing  and  dancing,  talks  and  prayers  were  organized  to  help  the  youth  deepen  their   faith  in  God  and  to  foster  devotion  to  Mama  Mary.
 The  youth  were  also  given  the  opportunity   to  go  for  the  Sacrament  of  Reconciliation.
Three  Salesian  Priests  were  asked  to  be  the  main  speakers:  Fr.
 Angel  Sanchez  (Spiritual  Moderator  of  Savio   Haus  Aspirantate)  on  the  topic  "I  believe  in  one  God,  the  Father  Almighty,"  Fr.
 Louie  Castaneda  (Rector  of   DBTI)  on  the  topic  "I  believe  in  Jesus  Christ,"  and  Fr.
 Ariel  Macatangay  (Assistant  Principal  of  DBTI)  on  the   topic  "I  believe  in  the  Holy  Spirit.
"  It  is  hoped  that  through  events  like  this,  we  Salesians  are  able  to  lead  the   hearts  of  Papua  New  Guinean  youth  to  Jesus  through  Mary.
 Not  just  300,  but  300  times  300  more.
DBTI, BOROKO - Australasia 300 Youth for Mary Youth in the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, Port Moresby Fr.
Louie Castaneda Fr.
Angel Sanchez Sr.
Cristina Villasanta FMA Serving the meal The Thanksgiving Eucharistic celebration on the Feast of Mary Help of Christians was presided over by Bishop John Doaninoel sm, Auxiliary Bishop of Honiara.
He encouraged the congregation to honour and praise Mary for her presence, guidance and protection.
Later in the morning the students gathered to praise and honour Mary in creative song and artistic expressions.
The items from each class included, skits, choirs, a rap number and even a marching band composed by the students.
An artistic competition displayed the artistic skills of the students.
Polona Berlec, Fr.
Jose Manjaly Chakku CM and Ms Penny Chilton, judges for the occasion were impressed with the performance.
“It was a difficult time judging the event”, said Ms Palona.
Superior of the Holy Name of Mary Seminary, Tenaru, Fr.
Jose said, “Talents are unless if there are no opportunities to express them.
Opportunities are nothing if we do not make use of it.
The ability to grab the opportunity, showcase and develop your talents is what is important.
” He thanked the students and the staff for all that they did to prepare, practice and present their items.
“It was nice to see the rich creativity in song and action”, said Penny Chilton as she announced the winners of the competition.
The Senior Automotive class with their Marching Band item was delighted to receive the 1 st Prize, while the Senior Carpentry and Junior Life Skills won the 2 nd and 3 rd prizes respectively.
The entire school was treated to cold drinks and biscuits, while the staff enjoyed a barbecue lunch.
Don Bosco is grateful to Quan Chee Motors and Szetu Enterprises for their kindness in sponsoring the event.
DBTI, HENDERSON In praise of Mary Help of Christians Dream at the age of nine - acted by the Senior Life Skills students Session in progress Drawing competition5 TAVUR  -­‐  The  newsle.
er  of  the  Salesian  Delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  Solomon  Islands PHILIPINES - Bellie Gutierrez “The Lord is my strength” Ps:41 was the theme of the Perpetual Profession that took place on 1st May, 2013.
Seven brothers professed perpetually at the hands Fr.
Eligio Cruz sdb, Provincial of the FIN province.
In his homily, Fr.
provincial highlighted faithfulness of person of St Joseph, patron of the Church and of our Congregation.
“His faithfulness must inspire you and never forget to pray for his help”, he said.
He also reminded the ones who professed that they are to be for Christ and none else.
Therefore they must die in Christ in order to the resurrected Christ to the young.
“Brothers, you don’t profess for personal fulfilment, you are for Christ.
” Those who made their Perpetual Profession are: 4 from East Timor, 1 from Indonesia, 1 from Kenya Cl.
Stephen Maswili and 1 from Congo Cl.
Moise Palaku, the last 2 belong to the PNG-SI Delegation.
Among the friends and guests were Cl.
Gilbert Pano and Fr.
Roger Miranda who represented the Delegation at the celebration.
The event was celebrated with songs and a delightful Filipino cuisine.
Brothers Stephen and Moise are grateful to the Salesians who have assisted them in the process of the initial formation.
Different Rectors have guided them along their path and as they move forward they entrust themselves to the prayers of all the Salesians, friends and young people.
- Cl.
Moise Palaku The Lord is my Strength The seven who professed with Fr.
Provincial, Fr.
Rector and Fr.
Roger Miranda With friends at the profession Perpetual Profession 24th May, 2013: A happy gathering of Salesian family and friends marked our celebration of Our Lady's solemn feast at the Shrine of Mary Help of Christians, Port Moresby, with the perpetual profession of Cl.
Gilbert Pano SDB.
A family dinner was held to celebrate the event at the Emmaus Centre.
Our Trip to Lanuzel Taking advantage of the long weekend and the holiday after Easter, Fr.
Valeriano Barbero organized a trip to Lanuzel, a 3 hour drive from Kokopo.
An excited Fr.
Stephano Yu, SDB joined us as well.
Not knowing the exact location of the place we felt that the trip was too long, but we were determined to reach our destination.
We arrived at the parish house and then learned that we have to walk uphill on a difficult and slippery track.
Valeriano climbed up quite quickly, while a few of us struggled to reach the top.
We visited the graves and said our prayers and returned back.
Due to the rain the rivers were filling up and one of our vehicles got stuck in the mud and had to be towed out.
We all enjoyed the trip and found a dry river spot to have our lunch.
We then finally continued our trip back to Kokopo.
- Edwick Kaupa and Clara Noglai 20A The feast of Dominic Savio was celebrated in Bosconian style with cheerful hearts and a smile on every ones face.
It was also the second ordination anniversary of Fr.
Like other Don Bosco Schools we too had many days of preparations under the guidance of Mr.
John Puk and the Savio group.
Shoji presided over the Eucharistic celebration.
The well organized mass with beautiful songs and prayers were wonderfully recited and sung by the Boscoanians.
After the mass, the students were given thirty minutes to prepare for the next lot of activities which was the Sports Fest.
The students dressed in different colors led by their lively mascots carrying their colorful banner flying high above their heads walked in painted bodies in a procession reciting their war cry and slogans from the Basketball court to the gym.
Bruno gave a leading role to the program.
The Gymnasium was very noisy with rattling of metal, shouts, yells, whistles.
The competitions involved Banner description, dance parade, war cry, and explanation of the mascot.
The day was colorful and enjoyable.
The creative and interesting ideas that were put together for the performance showed cooperation and team work of everyone.
That’s a good sign of building our integral human development.
We thank the gift of Dominic Savio, the little giant of the young and his precious motto: “Death rather than Sin”.
As young Bosconians we uphold and cherish this feast and build our lives on the examples of the saint.
KUMGI Perpetual profession Celebrations Stuck in the mud Enjoying our lunch The walk uphill6 TAVUR - The newsletter of the Salesian delegation of Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands 24 San Isidro Care Centre Students accompanied by their staff spent an enjoyable weekend at Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson.
The programme was held on the 3 rd and 4 th May, 2013.
Director, Br George van der Zant sm, was delighted to have the students get the basics of computers.
‘The students are excited about the progamme and the weekend here.
I am happy that they now have an idea about computers.
We look forward to set up our own computer laboratory and we need volunteers to spend their time and help us teach the students”, he continued.
The participants were given a warm welcome on their arrival.
Every student had someone to assist them follow instructions at every moment.
“In our world of growing technology, it is important that the students learn the basics and that they can share it with the less fortunate ones”, said Marianita Cabrigas, who spent time with the students at the programme.
Action songs, the Eucharistic celebration and lively games were part of the interesting weekend programme.
Upgrades at the Don Bosco Technical Institute have been the work of Fr.
Srimal Priyanga sdb over the past several weeks.
Once complete, and with the presence of a volunteer Instructor, basic computer programmes will be announced.
Luke Houpere, Deputy Principal at the school coordinated the programme with the SRC students and a few Instructors.
“We need to give our young a direction and guidance that will help them in their lives”, he said.
Dominic Kachira sdb, Administrator together with a few girls ensured that the meals were tasty and delicious.
“Don Bosco has been privileged to host this ‘Out Reach’ programme.
It has given us an opportunity to look beyond ourselves and see how we can assist others.
We look forward to other programmes as well”, said Fr.
Ambrose Pereira sdb.
Don Bosco and San Isidro are grateful to Quan Chee Motors, Global World, the Filipino community and the Salesian sisters that have supported the programme through food and other items.
These will benefit the students at their centre in Aruligo.
- Fr.
Ambrose Pereira sdb Reach out your Hand - 5 In the Computer room Learning Sign Language with Lynette Mane Luke Houpere instructing a student Eucharistic celebration Inauguration of New Carpentry workshop at  Don  Bosco  KUMGI It was a historical day for Don Bosco Tech Kumgi on 24 th May when we celebrated the feast of Mary Help of Christians the blessing of new Carpentry Workshop.
The TVET department through the help of the National Planning acquired three million kina for the infrastructure development of the TVET schools in Simbu province.
The department gave us 242,000 Kina for the construction of the workshop.
The foundation stone for the workshop was laid in the presence of TVET officers on 16 th August 2012 when we celebrated the birthday of Don Bosco.
The community members together with the staff, students and ancillary worked tirelessly for the past eight months to make this building a reality.
Under the engineering supervision of Fr.
Angelo the community put hands together and miracle building became a reality.
Since the donated amount was not sufficient to carry out the construction, Don Bosco school community added another 250,000 Kina and completed the massive workshop.
The workshop has wood working machines, amble space for work, wood storage, show room and plumbing trade room.
We were blessed to have Bishop Anton Bal of Kundiawa diocese on this day to bless this building.
He commended on the work of the Salesians and the service we do in the diocese for the marginalised youth of PNG.
The building was inaugurated on 7 th June on the feast day of Sacred Heart.
The inauguration ceremony was carried out by the Provincial Education Advisor Mr.
Essy Walkaima and TVET Coordinator Mr.
Paul Gun in the presence of the other dignitaries.
We thank the good Lord for the blessings He is bestowing upon our school and we wish many more young underprivileged young people will benefit from this new workshop.
The  Salesians  of  Don  Bosco  are  a  congrega2on  who   cater  to  the  growth  and  development  of  youth  -­‐   that  part  of  society  most  exposed  to  danger  yet  so   rich  in  promise.
    The  PNG-­‐SI  Delega2on  runs  Technical  Ins2tutes,   parishes  and  is  involved  in  the  forma2on  of  its   personnel.
    We  need  your  help  to  support  and  assist  us  as  we   go  about  our  work  for  the  young.
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Blessing of new Carpentry Workshop ! 7 Photographs anti clockwise: Fr.
Ambrose Pereira sdb, Rector celebrates the launch, In the Carpentry workshop, Guests in the Automotive workshop, VIPs on the dais, Governor General and guests visit the Automotive workshop.
DBTI-APTC partnership Australia-Pacific Technical College launches new home in Honiara HENDERSON Days - Erin Gleeson Honiara will soon benefit from its own Australia-Pacific Technical College (APTC) campus following the launch of a SBD14 million (A$1.
9 million) partnership between APTC and Honiara’s Don Bosco Technical Institute today.
AusAID Director General Mr Peter Baxter joined hundreds of students, staff and community members to launch the partnership.
Mr Baxter said the partnership will give more Solomon Islanders the chance to learn new skills and secure a job.
“Up to 300 students will now have the chance to gain internationally recognised qualifications in automotive repair and construction over the next three years,” Mr Baxter said.
“They will join more than 490 Solomon Islanders who have already graduated from APTC and now have the skills, training and confidence to take advantage of job opportunities, either in Solomon Islands or in the region.
” Mr Baxter said the partnership will fund the enrolment of students and support upgrades to Don Bosco’s facilities.
“I am pleased that we are partnering with Don Bosco – an important institution of teaching, learning and training in Solomon Islands,” Mr Baxter said.
Supporting investments in training and skills development is a key focus of the Solomon Islands – Australia Partnership for Development, and for AusAID more widely in the Pacific.
The A$150 million APTC was established in 2007 to increase skilled workers in the Pacific and improve employment opportunities for Pacific Islanders.
More than 4950 Pacific Islanders have graduated with new skills from the APTC’s four campuses in Fiji, Samoa, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.
Solomon Islanders will continue to have access to the APTC’s four other regional campuses and a range of courses including hospitality, engineering and community TAVUR  -­‐  The  newsle.
er  of  the  Salesian  delega8on  of  Papua  New  Guinea  and  Solomon  Islands Custom dance by the Automotive students 8 TAVUR is grateful to our contributors for this issue: FR.
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co TAVUR CORRESPONDENTS: programmes ahead  JUNE: 14: 34th Anniversary of SDB in PNG 16 - 22: RI Coordinators Meeting 22 - 23: Spiritual Moderators meeting 24 - 26: Quinquennial Seminar 28: Term 2 break 30 - 05: 1st Batch Yearly Retreat JULY: 06: Delegation Day 07: Salesian Family Day 07 - 13 2nd Batch Yearly Retreat - Rectors 13 - 14: Rector’s Meeting - Australasia ROME The principles of missio inter gentes are the gift which the Church in East Asia offers to the Universal Church! ROME 10 May 2013 - Fr Alfred Maraviglia, long-time missionary from the Philippines to the PNG-SI Delegation and currently a key member of the Missions Department of the Congregation in Rome, has successfully defended his doctoral thesis on an Asian theological method in missio inter gentes, based on the thinking developed through the activities and documentation of the Federation of Asian Bishops Conferecnes (FABC).
The question: How can the Gospel be proclaimed in a context where Christians make up the "little flock in Asia" today? The FABC has continuously sought to respond to this question during its more than forty years of existence.
This thesis draws out theological principles from FABC documents in order to develop an Asian theological method with a particular focus on East Asia.
It systematically constructs a missio inter gentes theology which "will reckon with the Asian way of life and the Asian way of thinking" hence, authentically Asian and profoundly Catholic.
The FABC insists that any theologising in Asia must start from the context of a diversity of cultures, religions and poor multitudes of Asia and consider this threefold context as the locus theologicus which offers positive resources and potentials for theology.
Thus, this thesis starts with a situation analysis of East Asian context using especially the historical-narrative approach.
The originality, relevance and value of this thesis lies in Fr Maraviglia's proposal to use the Yinyang Taoist symbol as the conceptual framework underlying the theological method for missio inter gentes which he draws out from the FABC documents.
Congratulations !!! Fr.
Alfred Maraviglia sdb