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India - Meeting of communicators of South Asia with the Department of Social Communication



BOSCOM-SOUTH ASIA: 24 � 27� August� 2003


India - Meeting of communicators of South Asia with the Department of Social Communication.

(ANS - Chennai, 25 August 2003) - The draft of the document entitled "The System of Social Communication of the Salesians" and the relation with the actual situation of the provinces in the field of social communication were the central themes at the Assembly of Boscom South Asia, which is in course today 25 and tomorrow 26 August at The Citadel, the provincial house of the province of Chennai. Present for the meeting are more than 30 salesians. They consist of delegates of their provinces, professionals and workers in the field of communications who come from 9 provinces of India and from the two delegations of Sri Lank and the Konkan. Also present for the meeting are the general councillor for the South Asian Region, Fr. Joaquim D´Souza; the councillor general for Social Communications, Fr. Tarcisio Scaramussa, accompanied by his team of collaborators at the Salesian headquarters of Rome; the provincial of Mumbai who is responsible for the Communication sector for the region, Fr. Ivo Coelho; the national delegate for Communications Fr. K.J. Louis. The meeting began yesterday with an introduction and a welcome on the part of the provincial of Chennai, Fr. Fernando Bellarmine. The Eucharist this morning, presided over by Fr. D´Souza, has begun the work for the day. The work consisted in the presentation of the draft of the document by the General Councillor for SC. This was followed by discussions in 5 groups on various themes that will help to enrich the draft. Presently the suggestions from various groups will be heard. The work then continues with the presentation of the state of communication in each of the provinces and delegations, with particular attention to the edition of the Salesian Bulletin (7 editions in all). The work is valuable and comprises 8 publishing houses and 2 printing presses. Many of the participants collaborate with the national and international institutions, both ecclesial and lay, diocesan and at the level of the Episcopal conferences as well. Moreover, two of them are national presidents of world communication bodies, SIGNIS and UCIP.


RMG - The return of of the Councillor General for Communications from South Asia.

(ANS - Rome, 12 September 2003) - The councillor general for social communication Fr. Tarcisio Scaramussa had visited the region of south Asia (23 August - 7 September). The journey was the first of the regional visits, and has permitted Fr. Scaramussa to understand better the reality of social communication in South Asia, to present the programme of the six years and to animate the provinces through personal contact with the provincials and delegates of social communication. The meetings held in the context of communications have brought to light significant positive aspects: the organization at the regional level; the presence of a regional plan integrated with the general programme; the priority of the formation of laity and of youth; and the preference for alternative media which forms part of the bigger structure. In the course of the discussion held with the provincials and delegates other urgent needs were made clear: the development of a programme of formation for Communications for the young salesians and the assumption of the plan of the region into the provincial plan; the relation between BIS (Boscom Information Service) and ANS; the development of the Salesian Bulletin; the reinforcing of the policies in various areas (animation, formation and information). Of particular interest to Fr. Scaramussa was that the work of communication by the salesians was done in the diverse local languages and in the promotion of processes of communication with youth who are underprivileged.