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Fr. Giuseppe Quadrio - Theology Teacher and Master of Life

Fr. Giuseppe Quadrio
Theology Teacher and Master of Life

Translation by John Rasor of Remo Bracchi (ed.), Don Giuseppe Quadrio: Docente di Teologia e Maestro di Vita (Rome, LAS 1989), pp. 9-22. These are the proceedings of a 1989 symposium on Fr. Quadrio at the Salesian Pontifical University in Rome.


Fr. Giuseppe Quadrio spent the last fourteen years of his brief and intensive life as a teacher of dogmatic theology in the Theology Department of what was then the Salesian Pontifical Athenaeum of Turin (now Salesian Pontifical University in Rome). He was also chairman of the Department (from 1954 to 1959), up to the time his illness forced his retirement.

Teaching theology was the main job given him, and he consecrated his best energies to that, with great seriousness and dedication, bringing to fruition what he had matured in the years of preparation for this task.

But more than an assignment or a duty, he always saw a privileged and unique mission. He pushed himself to make an authentic existential synthesis of study, teaching and life; of his study and his life; of theological investigation and contemporary reality; of its problems and challenges.

For the students, this was