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Newsletter for Missionary Animation June 2012




But I think it was the Church of Rio Negro, in particular
in Yauaretê, where he faced the greatest
challenges, where he experienced the happiest and
most intense years of his life. Since Sister Death
visited him by surprise, he had no time to write his
memoirs, although he left a will written with his
heart and feet. St. Augustine tells us that “it is our
feelings that move our feet.”
“His last work was in accompanying Fr. Václav Klement,
Councillor for the Salesian Missions. Together
they visited the five presences scattered throughout
the vast Amazon of Rio Negro. The mission of
Yuaretê is the furthest of all. I intentionally made
my visit to coincide with the celebrations and festivities
of the Week of Indigenous Peoples. Here Fr.
Benjamin also presided in what would be his last
“I spoke with Fr. Benjamin when he went to São
Gabriel, one day before returning to Manaus with
Fr. Václav, just four days later we would leave us.
He described with enthusiasm the vitality of indigenous
peoples of Yauaretê: the organization of communities,
the beauty of the dances, the work of lay
leaders, the Salesian vocations for the next ordination.
He whispered to me that he planned to increase
the mission in Rio Negro. Finally he told me:
“An inculturated evangelization will be realized
only when we have more vocations and when indigenous
missionaries in this region will remain
We have lost a Salesian but we have gained an intercessor
in heaven.
The holiness of Salesian missionaries is passed on
through the path of inculturation!
Fr. Václav Klement, SDB
Councillor for the Missions
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N. 42 - June 2012
Newsletter for Salesian Missionary Animation
A Publication of the Mission Department for the Salesian Communities and Friends of the Salesian Mission
D ear friends of the Salesians and
Salesian mission,
This time I want to remember the life and memory
of a great missionary and Provincial of Brazil-
Manaus, Fr. Benjamin Morando, SDB (1943-2012)
born in Italy, who has spent 48 years in the Amazon
region of Brazil. During my visit of animation
to the Province of Manaus, after having accompanied
me for two weeks to the five missionary presences
in the Amazon jungle of Rio Negro, he unexpectedly
passed away on May 5, 2012 due to an
Meditating on the message of the life of Fr. Benjamin
a few weeks after his death, it dawned on me
that his death gives us. I found a keyword to summarise
his life: “Inculturation”.
In fact the mission of Yaurete was nearest to his
heart. In 1994 he founded an aspirantate for indigenous
vocation. Now we have four native
priests in the area and quite a number of young
Salesians in formation.
A dear friend of Fr. Benjamin, Dom Edson Damian,
Bishop of São Gabriel da Cachoeira, Brazil - Amazonas,
has shared during the funeral Mass in
Manaus May 7, 2012 this testimony:
“Out of his 69 years, Fr. Benjamin has given 48 of
it to the mission in the Amazon. He gave all of
himself into each of the tasks assigned to him in
the missionary Province of the Amazon.
the witness
and the dream
of a great missionary
Fr. Benjamin Morando with Fr. Václav Klement
The youthful vitality of the four Provinces in Poland is a great resource for the
new evangelisation of the European continent. We pray that our confreres in
Poland may know how to journey with young people to help them develop a
deep and active faith in today’s multicultural and multireligious society.
That young believers in Poland, confiding their daily life to the Sacred
Heart of Jesus, may grow in being true witnesses of the Christian life in
Salesian Missionary Intention
I strive to live, deepen and hand on
the charism of Don Bosco in Bangladesh
M y first contact with the missions began when I joined the missionary
group in the Theologate in Krakow. Right during our first meeting I
was immediately captivated by the Congregation’s missionary activity.
After my ordination, Fr. Provincial sent me to work in a Salesian school in
Świętochłowice. In addition to the various responsibilities of the school I was
also the animator of the Akwaba Missionary Volunteers, this is a volunteer
branch of the SWM Krakow. I was involved with a group of young people who
were preparing a "holiday camp" for children in Ghana (Africa). Thanks to this
decisive experience my desire to be a missionary grew deeper. I lived and experienced
within me great joy. I realised that the smile of a child from the
slums is much more valuable than many things. I saw that the world really
needs preachers of the Gospel and witnesses of Christ. This experience led to
my resolve to volunteer to be a missionary. I was sent by the Recto Major to
the newly started Salesian presence in Bangladesh
In 2010, before leaving, I had the opportunity to participate
in the Course for New Missionaries in Rome and Turin. During that
one month the possibility to meet other missionaries and listen to
lectures and experiences in a friendly atmosphere helped me to
learn the ropes of being a missionary. Yet, it was only when I arrived
in Bangladesh that I really understood the usefulness of what
we learnt during the course.
I am deeply indebted to God for calling me to be a Salesian
priest. Don Bosco continues his work through us Salesians today
through the Preventive System. As a missionary in Bangladesh,
where the majority, are Muslims, I consider myself fortunate to be able to strive to live, deepen and hand
on this precious legacy of Don Bosco in a country where the Salesian presence is just 6 years old. I seek to
practice the Preventive System in my ordinary daily missionary activity and in a concrete way in my dealings
with the hostel boys, with children in the Oratory and with the people at large in the newly opened
mission of Lokhikul.
Despite the fact that Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world and beset with many
problems, I love this place and its people. Meeting the local people is something I look forward to everyday.
Fr. Paweł Kociolek
Polish, missionary in Bangladesh
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