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Presentation of the “working document” of the GC27

Il Regolatore

Rome, 4th October 2013
Prot. 13/0564

To the participants in the GC27:
Provincials, Delegates and Invited members
at their respective addresses

Subject: Presentation of the “working document” of the GC27

Dear participants in the GC27,

The preparation for the GC27 is moving ahead; together with this letter of presentation I am now sending you the “working document” of the GC27.

On the 17th of September the Precapitular Commission concluded its work of drafting this text. I am grateful to the members of the Commission for the work they did in a climate of fraternal cooperation.

To understand better the “working document” attached to this letter, you will find it useful to read the introduction placed by the Commission at the beginning of the text and the interview I gave to the ANS on the 27th of September.

The “working document” is addressed to the participants in the GC27 so that they can study and reflect on it and arrive prepared at the GC27. There would be some interesting topics connected with the theme of the GC27 that would need to be explored, such as: the “grace of unity”, the identity of consecrated life, vocation, witness, the radical nature of the Gospel, pastoral conversion, discernment, work and temperance…

Let me add that the ”working document” is also available to everyone on the website of the Congregation. I would invite Provincials and Rectors to see if and how it can be used during this period for the animation of their Provinces and communities. The confreres too can take it directly for their own reading and reflection.

With my cordial greetings,

In Don Bosco,

Fr. Francis Cereda